5.12 lakh families close ration cards

5.12 lakh families close ration cards

 5.12 lakh families close ration cards

If the ration has not been taken for three months, the card will be silenced, a new card will have to be issued a second time.

There are 5.12 lakh families in Gujarat whose ration cards have been silenced. Since these families have not taken rations for the last three months, they will now have to start the process of getting a new ration card again.

According to new figures uploaded by the Gujarat government on the National Food Security Portal, some families in Gujarat have been excluded from the list as their ration cards have gone silent, violating the provisions of the National Food Security Act.A rule has been enforced that if a ration card holder does not take rations for three months, the card is placed in a category called Silent and the family has to get a new card which is a costly and tedious process.

According to the report, 1.61 lakh families, including the poorest 18,000 of the poorest Antyodaya families, have been excluded. There is a physical problem in this family. Is paralyzed. Old and seriously ill. There are some widows as well as women living a solitary life.

According to the information received from 24 out of 33 districts of Gujarat, 3.61 lakh ration card holders have been placed in the silent category for the last five years. This means that more than five lakh families do not get ration from the ration card.The Government of India distributes rations to 3.82 crore people every month out of which 3.42 crore families get rations. The rest of the people do not get rations, as their ration cards have gone silent. There are 20 lakh cards in Gujarat which do not have Aadhaar card so they are being forced to get subsidized ration.

Another interesting fact in the National Food Security Portal is that the NFSA has decided that ration cards should be in the name of a female member of the household and even though it is required, 3.92 lakh ration cards have not been issued in the name of women. According to the provision, 75 per cent people in rural areas and 50 per cent people in urban areas should get subsidized rations.

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