Check Your Pgvcl, Mgvcl, Dgvcl, Ugvcl Bill Online

 Check Your PGVCL, MGVCL, DGVCL, Ugvcl Bill Online

Whitepaper: The Top 4 Performance Makers and Breakers for SQL Server

For SQL Server to perform well, the out-of-the-box installation is rarely sufficient. Also, there are design, configuration, and maintenance that must be considered and implemented to enable the actual capability of the platform. Read this whitepaper to discover the top four performance makers and breakers for SQL Server.

View time-series charts for waits, disk wait time, physical reads and writes, cache hit ratio, CPU usage, and SQL throughput.
View a time-dependent bubble chart for processes with their locking, wait, and transaction state.
Display the types of wait for the wait chart and display the details of each process for the bubble chart.
Customize the dashboard and the time-series charts.
Adjust the sampling rate and the displayed time interval for the time-series charts.
Switch between registered instances with a single click.
Do not install any components, DLLs, scripts, stored procedures, and tables on the monitored instances.

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