Marriage Certificate Gujarat, Apply Online Under GMC, Form

 Marriage Certificate Gujarat, Apply Online Under GMC, Form

Marriage Certificate Gujarat, Apply Online Under GMC, Form

Marriage Certificate Gujarat

Marriage is required to be registered as it is the essential proof for which each of the candidates getting married has to apply to get the benefits associated with it. According to the Marriage Registration act passed in the year 1954 and the modification is done in the Year 2008 made it compulsory for every citizen residing in the country of India to register their Marriage to the Marriage Registrar.

In the article below you will be described the Need, Eligibility, Documents required, and the application procedure for online application of the marriage certificate in the Gujarat State. You have to read the article to gain the information mentioned.

Need for Marriage Certificate Gujarat

The Reason to avail of the Marriage Certificate Gujarat as if you are a resident of the Gujarat state. You should be knowing the need to get the Marriage Certificate from Gujarat.
Check the listed points as follows:
You can get the benefit of applying for the other official documents if you avail the Marriage Certificate.
You get proof of Marriage if you have Marriage Certificate.
The Marriage Certificate helps the women to claim the property or other rights associated.

Marriage Certificate Eligibility Criteria

The Marriage Certificate can only be applied by the candidate in case the candidates fulfill the eligibility condition of the age which is mentioned below. You have to read the points to get the age limit to get the Marriage Certificate issued to you.
The Age of the Boy must be 21 years and the Girl's age should be above 18.
The Candidates can approach the Registrar of the Marriage of the concerned region where the candidate has been living.
In the case of a Foreign Candidate then, a No Objection letter is required then only the Marriage Certificate will be issued to the candidates.

Documents Required Gujarat Marriage Certificate

The Documents which are required to be given along with the application form of the Marriage Registration as listed as follows. The documents are needed by the resident of the state and the Candidates belonging to the Foreign country but staying and married in India.
Gujarat Birth Certificate of both the candidates
Residence certificate or you can also give the documents like a voter ID card or ration card.
School leaving certificate to prove the age in case you don’t have the Birth Proof or Age Proof of Both the candidates.
The marriage invitation card is optional to be given.
You have to give the two passport size photograph of the couple
In the case of NRI candidates the documents required are mentioned as follows:
Copy of passport of the candidate
Residence Proof
NRI witnesses address proof, two candidates.
Local witnesses Address proof of two candidates.

Marriage Certificate Fee Structure

The following information is given for the Fee Structure of the Marriage certificate which is required to be paid.
You have to pay Rs. 5 In case you have registered the Marriage within 30 days of the Marriage of the candidate.
In case you have registered the Marriage after 30 days then you have to pay Rs. Rs.15/-‘
If the Marriage is registered after 3 months then the fee for the Marriage Registration which is required to be paid is Rs. 25/-

Apply Online for Marriage Certificate Gujarat

You can make use of the official site of the Gujarat government in the order you want to get the Marriage Certificate of the state. So check the steps given below to know how to apply for the Marriage Certificate.

Apply Online Under GMC portal

You can make use of the official link Click here
Reference Image: If you are interested to apply online for the Marriage certificate under the Gandhinagar Municipal Cooperation.
As the rest of the procedure is similar as mentioned above but the best part that you can submit the application and the documents online as the portal provides the facility.
The application submitted by you will be verified and after that, you will be issued the Marriage Certificate of the state.

Application Form Marriage Certificate

The application form for the Marriage Certificate for Gujarat has been given as follows. The application form is given in the form of a pdf file. You can make use of the information given in the pdf for the Marriage Registration. The application form pdf contains the Application form in the Gujarati language as along with the English Language.

Marriage application form English

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