What will happen now ?now the turn of schools ?

 What will happen now ?now it is the turn of schools ?

What will happen now ?:No-entry for spectators in the stadium, 2 hours increase in night curfew, gardens, lake closed, now it is the turn of schools ?, parents also demand to close schools
As the number of Corona cases increased, so did the number of students in schools
Initially 60 percent of the students were coming; Currently less than 30 percent come

Corona epidemic has been raging in Gujarat again for the last one month. The number of cases is increasing rapidly, especially in Surat as well as Ahmedabad. In view of this, the government yesterday extended the night curfew in 4 cities of the state, matches will be played without spectators in the stadiums and gardens as well as lakes including Kankaria have been closed. Possibilities are being seen. There will be a night curfew from 10pm to 6am from today, with strict action on masks as well as social discrimination laws.

Students turn to online education again

After lockdown in Gujarat, students as well as parents were enthusiastic about sending their children to school before the start of school, but given the corona situation, the number of students coming to school is now slowly declining. Fear spread among other students, which has led parents to be more interested in providing online education instead of sending their children to school, which is likely to lead to the closure of all schools in the coming days by the education department. .

The Guardian Board of Gujarat wrote a letter to the government appealing for closure of schools and classes

Parents' Appeal, Shut Down Schools, Classes

The Guardian Council of Gujarat has written a letter to the government on this issue, appealing for closure of schools as well as classes, who said that at present, the Koro epidemic has become more serious. 192 students in Surat and 100 students in Ahmedabad have contracted Korona. So until adequate arrangements are made, all schools, colleges and tuition classes in Gujarat will be closed. Also cancel quarterly exam and take online exam. It has also appealed to all students to pass the annual examinations and give grace marks.

Currently less than 30 percent of students come to school.

Attempts by administrators to close schools

as children study together and have fun together in primary school, fear is growing among parents that if one of them shows symptoms of corona, the other may also fall victim to the infection, which is why 60 per cent The same number of students used to come to school for offline education, but currently less than 30 percent of students come to school, while others are taking online education at home. On the other hand, the school administrators also want the schools to remain closed till the corona situation in Gujarat is brought under control in the interest of the children.

Most of the children are taking exams at home instead of coming to school.

Children are taking exams at home rather than school Examinations are

currently being conducted for students of Std. 3 to 8, but most of the children are taking exams at home instead of coming to school. Even parents are afraid to send their children to school because of the situation; The board exams are starting from May 4, so some rules have been made by the education department to keep the students away from the transition to corona.
If a student finds fever, cold, cough and temperature high during the board exams of standard 10 and 12, the student will be kept in a separate room so that there is no danger of infection in any other student. However, in view of the current situation, some new rules may be implemented by the Board of Education at the time of examination.

People turned on the mob, forgetting Corona, who was chased by police and dispersed.
Corona's situation in Gujarat has become more serious after the government tightened the guidelines after the elections, as well as the transition rate is increasing due to the negligence of the system as well as the people. 

ગુજરાતી સમાચારમાં વાંચો

More than 70,000 spectators were allowed to watch the match at the Narendra Modi Stadium, which attracted a large number of cricket fans from different states of the country to Ahmedabad, raising fears of a transition. However, in the end, the government has decided that the match will be played in the stadium without spectators, and strict action has been taken against those who violate the mask as well as social distance in public. Anyone who breaks the rules will also be fined up to Rs 1,000.