How to Find Vaccination centre of Covid 19 Near me

 How to Find Vaccination centre of Covid 19 Near me

Technology companies are extending a helping hand amid growing cases of corona virus infection. WhatsApp also decided to contribute in the fight against Covid-19 last year.

Amidst the growing cases of Coronavirus In India in the country, technology companies are extending a helping hand. WhatsApp, a popular messaging platform in India, also decided to contribute to the fight against Kovid-19 last year. So far, people were getting information about Kovid through WhatsApp, while on the other hand, users will also get to know about vaccination centers.

People will be able to get information through MyGov WhatsApp chatbot. An automatic chatbot was launched in April 2020 to provide information related to corona viruses WhatsApp started this service a week after the central government announced the lockdown.

Make this phone number mobile

Information about the vaccination center can also be obtained through chatbots. The process of finding a vaccination center through the WhatsApp chatbot is easy. Users have to save 9013151515 to their smartphone. Users can also use the chatbot through WhatsApp desktop or web by clicking on the link: Once the tab of MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot opens, WhatsApp users will have to send 'Hi' or 'Hello'. After some time, users will get automated response. If users send in Hindi or Hindi, then chatbots will talk to them in Hindi.

After this, users will have to provide their PIN code and the app will give information about vaccination centers. The MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot will also offer advice on increasing coronovirus, professional advice and immunity. However, it may take some time for users to get a reply.

COVID 19 Vaccine Center NearBy: Here are the easy steps

First of all you have to save the number 9013151515 in your phone.

After saving the number, open WhatsApp in the phone.

After opening WhatsApp, open the chat box with the saved number.

You have to send Namaste. The chatbot will reply to you with 9 options.

You will need to send 1 in writing to get information about the Vaccination Center.

Then you will get 2 options, out of which you have to send 1 letter for the information of the center.

Then you have to write and send the pin code.

As soon as you enter your nearest pin code, you will be notified by the nearest Vaccination Center.