You can also order an HSRP plate from home

 You can also order an HSRP plate from home

According to the new guideline announced by the government, it is now mandatory to affix a high security registration number plate.  Home delivery of number plates has also started so that people do not have to wander around at such times.  For which you just have to pay a little extra charge.

Let me tell you, more than 100 people have been deployed for home delivery.  At the same time, the number of dealers affixing number plates and color code sticks has also been increased.  At present more than three thousand number plates and color code stickers are being prepared.

So, whenever you buy a new vehicle, the dealer only gives you a high security number plate.  But if your vehicle does not have a high security number plate, you will have to apply.  After which you can get this plate by paying between Rs 600-1100 for large vehicles and Rs 600-1100 for two-wheelers.

You will have to pay a separate charge for ordering a high security number plate and color code sticker at home.  For which you will have to pay Rs 250 for car number plate and Rs 125 for two-wheeler.

Apply in this way

First go to search engine and search by typing
Choose one of the HSRP and color code sticker options here.
Choose between a private vehicle and a public vehicle.
Now select the option of vehicle petrol, diesel, CNG, electric vehicle.
The category of vehicles will open. Choose from a scooter, bike, car, auto, heavy vehicle.
Now fill in the information about the company about your vehicle.
Updates will be sent via SMS after booking.
Will be notified at least two days prior to the booking date.
Here you can apply for home delivery on the website.