Your Ration Card Jaththo Check Online / Know Your Entitlement Gujarat.

 Your Ration Card Jaththo Check Online / Know Your Entitlement Gujarat.

Your Ration Card Jaththo Check Online / Know Your Entitlement Gujarat
Public distribution system has been implemented within the state for food security of the poor. Under which the Food and Civil Supplies Department, the Director, Food and Civil Supplies Office under the State of Gujarat plays a number one role. 

Monitoring and supervision work is completed by regular shops at an inexpensive price on a daily basis on a monthly basis with grain and other commodities on coordination with several agencies for the management of the general public distribution system. additionally , the demand and provide of products also are controlled and monitored consistent with the buyer Goods Act and therefore the control order thereunder .

Implementation and monitoring of Public Distribution System (P.D.S.). Issue of ration cards to the Antyodaya, BPL, and APL card holders.
Issuance of licenses under the Ordinance issued under the Essential Commodities Act 1 is completed at the district level by the Collector, District commissioned officer / Mamlatdar. 

Public distribution of the government in rural and determine specific areas for Thrift Stores in each district and concrete area ascertained population basis (zone) for urban areas and Thrift stores managers for each thrift store area for system Pucara management selection procedures Taluka Advisory committee Money recommend getting the District Collector degeneration Under yaksapana District Consultative Committee consistent with the District commissioned officer ina decision. Also licensed under the general public Distribution internal control Order Delivery is additionally done at the district level.

Distribution of essential commodities:
The Ministry of Food and Public Distribution of the govt of India allocates grain and sugar on an annual/quarterly/monthly basis for the general public distribution system . While petroleum allocates kerosene annually / quarterly by the ministry. District wise symmetry of the amount of essential commodities available at the state level is taken at the start of the month, keeping in sight the sort of card holders, population numbers and standards of essential commodities available per card.

Transparency and grievance redressal system:
A list of cardholders affiliated with a good price shopper or a kerosene retailer/feria is additionally listed on this website. The list also shows the name of the cardholder, number of relations , category of card and details of LPG / PNG connection attached to the cardboard . the number and quantity of essential commodities available as per the card category also are displayed on this website monthly 

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Rural and concrete Vigilance Committees:
Vigilance committees are appointed in rural and concrete areas for the expansion of outlets at reasonable prices. In these committees, the Sarpanch of the Gram Panchayat, Talati, the ladies members of the Gram Panchayat also because the two cardholders below the poverty level are appointed as members. This committee has got to monitor the income and distribution of essential commodities at the fair price shop. also as regularly checking the stock registers and sales registers held at the fair price shop, it’s necessary.