Shikshak Sajjata Sarveksan Latest Pariptra ane Syllabus

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 CANDAN GK Kirt   Kari gam na naam na j naana naana kaam mamakriya mate kare mum mum pi mane mo '!  With an emphasis on improving the quality of education, this intervention is an essential part of the whole education and this component provides time for various student-oriented

 Identification and evaluation of news Kan, match, (chapters, up to date satyakriyas, style books, mom. t printing book and uniform, remedial services, development of teaching-learning materials (TLM)

Shikshak Sajjata Sarveksan Latest Pariptra ane Syllabus

 Activities and content of the material (or a positive attitude about it and an environment to bring about 12 instincts) x Purpose Purchase / Development of Sui Mak material for special purpose educators and general education girls and special needs girls about curriculum simulation.  Assistance provided 5) The purpose of the entire education in Haha is to cover the special needs of all children from class 1 to 12

Special needs! (CWSN) allocation for a girl child (CWSN) increases from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 200 per year.  One of the main objectives in Shiksha is to go to all levels of school education and bridge the social category gap, consequently promoting girls' participation in education, residential, and school facilities up to Std.



  Increased, in this scheme class w ||  Wanted to study in 8th to 12th standard.  Admission and quality education is provided to girls in disadvantaged groups of 10-12 years.  As well as

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