Gujarat Farmer Smart Phone Scheme Apply Online 2021

Rancher Smart Phone Scheme Declare by Government of Gujarat. Administration of Gujarat will be Give Rs. 15000 for Smartphone to Gujarat's Farmer.

Gujarat Farmer Smart Phone Scheme 2021

Gujarat Farmer Smart Phone Scheme Apply Online 2021

The extent of advanced help in horticulture is expanding step by step. In the field of agribusiness, following Douglas, ranchers began utilizing IT. Using innovation, new ranches are expanding their pay by taking on the most recent advancements. Cell phones for data like climate figures, downpour estimates, potential bug pervasion data, rancher valuable distributions, most recent cultivating strategies, bother control procedures, data on farming office help plans, and online applications for help with agribusiness office plans. Being utilized. The cell phone can undoubtedly be in the possession of the client, trading messages like photos, messages, messages, and media. Numbers (1) and (2) read to purchase shrewd cell phones with highlights like computerized camera, media player, GPS, contact screen, internet browser, web network and so forth and for the reason that ranchers of the state can utilize the innovation through cell phones The proposition made by the Director of Agriculture in the above letters to help the ranchers of the state in buying cell phones was getting looked at of the Government. Goal:

Gujarat Farmer Smart Phone Scheme Apply Online 2021

It is along these lines chosen to give regulatory assent to spend Rs. 150000 lakhs (Rs. 1,000 500 lakhs in the year 2021) as another matter under the plan of giving help on cell phones bought by the ranchers of the state toward the finish of grown-up thought.

Yojna Summary Details

Conspire for Farmer

Help to Rs. 15,000/ - each Farmer

Check to require Document and other Matter

Plot Assistance Matter:

Under the plan of giving help on the cell phone bought by the rancher, the rancher will be qualified for help up to Rs. 15000/ – from the acquisition of one cell phone. In which the rancher will be qualified for 10% of the price tag of the cell phone or Rs. 1500/ – whichever is less. For example, Any rancher can acquire Rs. On the off chance that he purchases a cell phone worth Rs. 500/ – or Rs. 1500/ – whichever is less for example Rs. 500/ – is qualified for help and assuming that any rancher pays Rs. Assuming that he purchases a cell phone worth Rs. 15000/ -, he will get Rs. 1500/ – or Rs. 1500/ – whichever is less for example Rs. 1500/ – is qualified for help.

General terms and tongues

This plan will be executed in every one of the areas of the State,

According to the number of one lakh recipients, the objective has been set by the Director of Agriculture on an area shrewd supportive of rata bases.

Will be assigned. The controlling official of this plan will be the Director of Agriculture.

The District Agriculture Officer will be the executing official for the part of this plan,

To profit from the advantages of this plan, one needs to apply on the I-rancher gateway. (2) The Taluka Implementing Officer will keep a register containing the subtleties of Village Wise Component name, name of the recipient, account number, cost of the cell phone, a measure of help, year of giving the advantage, and so forth,

They help measure of this plan will be attributed straightforwardly to the record of the recipient. Just as application structure for application, installment of help and activity and so on Declaration and so on to the Director of Agriculture To be fixed.

Contact the Director of Agriculture in the event of any issue with respect to the execution of this plan Will have the option to.

The award of this plan will be apportioned by the Director of Agriculture to the concerned Nodal Agency – Gujarat State Seed Corporation, Gandhinagar.

The nodal office for the installment of help will be Gujarat State Seed Corporation, Gandhinagar,

The concerned Nodal Agency will send the Certificate of Grant Utilization (UTC) in the recommended structure to the Director of Agriculture, Gandhinagar on schedule. Just as definite records of costs caused including sponsorship and review related work should be finished.

The measure of help to the concerned nodal organization ECS according to the endorsed technique for installment

Electronic Clearance Service/RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) ell cronellon

Should be credited to the account.Will likewise apply for implementation.Interpretation of specialized issues on the off chance that any inquiry emerges in regards to the execution of the plan

An ultimate choice can be made by the Director of Agriculture in conference with the Secretary of Agriculture.

Application structure and subordinate structures for the execution of this plan on the I-rancher portal to be fixed by the Director of Agriculture.

Costs brought about under this approval are dependent upon the monetary arrangement of that year and the money To be done inside the restrictions of the award dispensed by the division every now and then.

Dependent upon the current standards for the current work, sufficient monetary arrangements will be made in the current and next monetary year.

Consumption in such a manner is fixed by the State Government

Just as per the arrangements of the goals/brochures and rules relevant occasionally in the recommended way.

The standards of monetary reasonableness will be implemented in regard of the costs caused in making this endorsement.

Awards apportioned under this endorsement may not be utilized for some other reason. Reserve funds sum year Will need to give up at last.

Weapons recommended under the plan will be totally clung to.

This plan is to be executed through DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) system. The arrangements must be consented to.

To serve the plan, the GST No of the organization selling the cell phone, just as the measure of GST paid ought to be displayed for the legitimacy of the cell phone bill.

The essential help will be for the acquisition of the cell phone just, different extras for the cell phone, for example, battery back up the gadget, ear telephone, charger and so on may not be incorporated. (2) Smartphone buy bill inside the proposed time period after the date of execution of the plan.

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Significant Date

Application Last date 19/12/2021

Should be introduced.

The goal of the Department of Industry and Mines in regards to the handling of tenders for the work introduced. Done regarding e-offering according to 31st 2009 Strict adherence to the arrangements guidelines,

As per this endorsement, on the off chance that anything is to be secured, it will be as per the predominant standards and rules of the Government. (Toward the finish of 3 years, in the event that any reserve funds remain, it must be returned.

Consumption of this arrangement will be caused during the current monetary year.