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Dear Deviltechz Readers, Gujarat Government Launched UWIN Card Online Registration Of Smart Id Cards For Construction Workers On Enirman Portal Or App. The Ministry Of Labor And The Central Government Has Proposed Issuing A UWIN Card To Workers In The Informal Sector. In This UWIN Card Initiative, The Government. The Registration Will Make Around Rs 47 Crore From The Informal Sector Workers. In like manner, People Who Work As Informal Workers Will Be Given Unorganized Workers Index Number Cards To Enable Them To Take Advantage Of The Benefits Of Social Security Schemes Or Programs Managed By EPFO And ESIC.

Gujarat UWIN Card Registration Online
Gujarat UWIN Card Registration Online

We Are Going To Tell You All The Information Related To The Scheme Like How To Apply For Uwin Card Online Registration CSC Login At, Highlights, Benefits, Eligibility, Beneficiaries, Documents Required, Enirman App Download, Helpline Number, Etc. To Know More Information Related To The Scheme, Then You Have To Read The Article Given By Us.

💥 UWIN Card as Unorganized Workers Identification Number

The Unorganized Worker Identification Number Or UWIN Card Is A Unique Number Proposed To Be Issued As Proof Of Identity To Informal Workers In India. The UWIN Is A Number That Is Provided To A Large Segment Of The Informal Sector Workers By Issuing A Unique Identification And Assigning An Original Aadhaar Identification Number Without Issuing Any Smart Cards.

In 2014, The Ministry Of Labor And Union Employment Decided To Design And Develop The Unorganized Worker Identification Number (UWIN) Platform Under The Unorganized Workers Social Security Act 2008. Each Worker In The Informal Sector Has Been Mandated To Register Themselves In The UWIN Program. The Ministry Of Labor And Employment Has Allocated An Amount Of Rs 402 Crore To Implement The Project In Two Phases.

ગુજરાત મકાન અને અન્ય બાંધકામ શ્રમયોગી કલ્યાણ બોર્ડની રચના ધી બિલ્ડિંગ એન્ડ ઓધર કન્સ્ટ્રકશન વોર્કેર્સ એક્ટ, ૧૯૯૬ ની કલમ ૧૮ હેઠળ કરવામાં આવી છે. મકાન અને અન્ય બાંધકામ શ્રમયોગીના કલ્યાણ માટેની પ્રવૃત્તિઓ ચલાવવા માટે બોર્ડને સત્તા આપવામાં આવી છે. રાજ્યમાં શ્રમયોગીઓના હિત માટેના કર્યો કરવા બોર્ડને અધિકૃત કરવામાં આવેલ છે. યોજનાઓ અંતર્ગતના લાભ મેળવવા માટે, મકાન અને અન્ય બાંધકામ શ્રમયોગીએ બોર્ડમાં પોતાને નોંધણી કરવાની જરૂર છે.

આવી નોંધણી માટેની પાત્રતા ૧૮ થી ૬૦ વર્ષની વય માર્યાદા, છેલ્લા ૧૨ મહિનામાં ૯૦ દિવસથી ઓછુ ન હોય તેટલા સમય માટે મકાન અને અન્ય બાંધકામ ક્ષેત્રે કાર્યરત હોવો જોઈએ. લાયક શ્રમયોગીઓ નિર્ધારિત ફોર્મ ભરીને અને રાજ્યમાં મકાન અને અન્ય બાંધકામ શ્રમયોગી તરીકે ૯૦ દિવસના મકાન અને અન્ય બાંધકામ શ્રમયોગી તરીકે કાર્યના પ્રમાણ પત્ર, વયના પુરાવા અને ઓળખના સરકારી દસ્તાવેજો સાથે બોર્ડમાં નોંધણી કરાવી શકે છે.

UWIN Card Overview for Informal Workers

Each UWIN card has a remarkable number installed on it which will be named as an Aadhaar number.

This is important to give the advantages of Social Security plans at a certain point. Additionally, later the enlistment interaction is finished, the public authority may work law might welcome on Social Security and Welfare.

UWIN cards are effective and the aftereffects of the pilot period of this framework are agreeable. Be that as it may, the primary issue remains who will pay the commitments to casual specialists under the EPFO ​​and ESIC plans.

Under these plans, the two representatives and businesses add to the records of the government-managed retirement framework.

Appropriately, Govt. You intend to create a different raising support instrument since managers won't add to this plan.

The focal government needs to distribute the Social Security Act for casual specialists. This new law will tackle the issue of manager commitment. Moreover, the code likewise makes it simpler for a laborer to turn into a significant business assuming the specialist is relaxed or non-worker. This code will kill the requirement for the fundamental boss to join and exploit the advantages of the government-backed retirement frameworks. Moreover, the Social Security and Welfare Act will join every one of the fifteen existing Social Security laws. This will incorporate the EPF and MP Act, ESI Act, Maternity Benefits Act, Bonus Payment Act, Employee Compensation Act, Unregulated Social Security Act, and numerous other sponsorship assessments or asset laws.

💥 UWIN Card Initiative Objectives

UWIN कार्ड पहल के उद्देश्य – Following are the fundamental destinations of the UWIN Card drive to give ID numbers to casual area laborers:-

Make a bound together information base for casual laborers to fill in as a stage to empower the arrangement of federal retirement aide administrations to disorderly specialists.

Distinguishing proof of chaotic specialists later they are properly enlisted, with a UWIN (Unorganized Worker Identification Number) relegated to each enrolled laborer.

The card will incorporate family subtleties through the idea of the family unit and the connected family, and the related connections to work with the arrangement of family-based advantages through the plan.

This stage will help with recognizing and empowering abilities improvement necessities, manager and specialist planning, and results-based arrangement detailing and direction.

Extend Social Security advantages to around 15 crore families (40 crore disorderly specialists).

💥 SECC information as an essential data set for the UWIN Card

The SECC 2011 data set catches individual and family data going from segment subtleties, pay, business, property records alongside family connections. The UWIN data set will utilize fields from the SECC data set alongside extra data given by the unregulated specialist during the enrollment and approval stage. The accompanying information fields from SECC will be essential for UWIN:-

  • State Code
  • Region Code
  • Sub District Code
  • Name of the individual
  • Date of Birth
  • Sexual orientation
  • Conjugal Status
  • Name of Father
  • Name of Mother
  • Occupation/Activity
  • Super durable Address
  • Fundamental Source of Income
  • Inability

💥 UWIN Card Beneficiaries

As indicated by The Projections Of The Ministry Of Labor And Employment, The National Database Of Informal Workers Should Cover 675 Districts In 29 States And 7 Union Territories. This Data May Be Useful For Other Ministries To Provide Benefits To Workers Under Social Security Schemes. UWIN Cards Will Place Workers In The Unorganized Sector Under The Social Security Net. In like manner, Workers Will Have Access To Various Schemes Of The Employees Provident Fund Organization (Pension Fund Authority) And The State Employees Insurance Corporation (State Health Insurance Corporation).

💥 Development Worker Registration Form

UWIN Card Registration Login with eNirman App – Gujarat Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board are established under area 18 of the Building and Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Services) Act, 1996. The Board is engaged to take up exercises for the government assistance of the Building and Other Construction Workers in the state. To profit of the advantages, the Building and Other Construction Workers need to enlist themselves with the Board –

Development Worker-Registration-Official-Website

The qualification for such enrollment is that the laborer should be in the age gathering of 18 to 60.

Probably filled in as Building and Other Construction Worker for at the very least 90 days over the most recent a year.

The qualified laborers can enlist with the Board by topping off the recommended structure and connecting Proof of Age, Government Document of Identity, and Certificate for 90 days of work as a Building and Other Construction Worker in the State of

The Unorganized Worker Identification Number or UWIN is an interesting number that will be given as a verification of personality for the disorderly specialists in Gujarat.

The Gujarat government has begun a plan to give a UWIN savvy ID card under the title 'shram shaktipahechan' to an unregulated part of the state to give offices to benefit all administration plans. check card.

💥 Download the eNirman application

eNirman App એપ્લિકેશન સાથે UWIN કાર્ડ નોંધણી – All intrigued development laborers of Gujarat Construction Welfare Board and other development laborers who need to get benefits from the state government plans can download the eNirman application.

Above all else, you ought to go to the application download connect

Presently the Play Store page will open. You should find the introduction connection and snap on it.


ધુમ્માડો ઉડતો ફોટો બનાવો હવે તમારા મોબાઇલ માં ફક્ત એક મિનિટમાં

જાણો તમારા મોબાઈલ ફોનની તમામ વિગત હવે માત્ર એક એપ્લીકેશનમાં

પરીક્ષા વગર સીધી નોકરી -GVK ગુજરાત 108 માં ભરતી

ગુજરાત U-WIN કાર્ડ યોજના

Presently you need to finish up the internet-based interaction by enlisting in this application.

Later completion 

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