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AAI Junior Executive Recruitment 2024: એરપોર્ટ ઓથોરિટી ઓફ ઇન્ડિયા દ્વારા ભરતી

AAI Junior Executive Recruitment 2024: એરપોર્ટ ઓથોરિટી ઓફ ઇન્ડિયા દ્વારા ભરતી

AAI Junior Executive Recruitment 2024 : એરપોર્ટ ઓથોરિટી ઓફ ઈન્ડિયા (AAI) એ જાહેરાત દ્વારા નવીનતમ સૂચના બહાર પાડી છે. ગેટ 2024 દ્વારા જુનિયર એક્ઝિક્યુટિવ્સ (આર્કિટેક્ચર/સિવિલ/ઈલેક્ટ્રિકલ/ઈલેક્ટ્રોનિક્સ/ઈન્ફોર્મેશન ટેક્નોલોજી) ની ભરતી માટે નંબર 02/2024/CHQ. લાયક ઉમેદવારો AAI જુનિયર એક્ઝિક્યુટિવ માટે GATE 2024 વેકેન્સી દ્વારા ઑનલાઇન અરજી કરી શકે છે. 2 એપ્રિલ 2024 થી શરૂ થાય છે. GATE દ્વારા AAI જુનિયર એક્ઝિક્યુટિવ ભરતી 2024 થી સંબંધિત તમામ વિગતો નીચે આપેલ છે.

Sticker Maker and Video Status for WhatsApp TSAP - WA Sticker App

WhatsApp has new stickers, have you utilized it as well?

The organization has delivered two new sticker packs, as per, a site that tracks WhatsApp's new highlights. The principal sticker pack is joined to the Dollface pets while the subsequent pack is Tonton companions. Tonton Freds Limitless Stickers Pack.

Sticker Maker and Video Status for WhatsApp

As per the data got, you need to be aware of the new stickers pack by opening the WhatsApp application. For that, before you check the WhatsApp stickers you need to go to the WhatsApp sticker store. Then, at that point, click the sticker button. Presently you need to actually take a look at the new stickers by squeezing them in addition to fasten.

WhatsApp as of late declared that it will charge a business account. Anyway, this will be free for different clients.

As per WhatsApp's following site WABetainfo, the Face Open component for Android will be presented soon. The new element will be exceptionally useful for Pixel 4 clients as this gadget accompanies a finger impression sensor and this main backings facial acknowledgment. When this element is presented, the 'unique mark lock' settings will be changed back to the standard thing 'biometric lock'.

સ્ટીકર એપ ડાઉનલોડ લિંક


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The organization has as of late acquainted progressed search highlights with the clients. It permits clients to handily look for photographs, recordings, joins, sound, gifs, and archives. This makes it a lot more straightforward to look through media documents notwithstanding messages.

Caution - In the recruitment process, legitimate companies never charge a fee from candidates. If there are companies that charge for interviews, tests, ticket reservations, etc., it is better to avoid them because there are indications of fraud. Do not transfer any payments when applying for a job.
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