According to Maharishi Vagbhatta, there are 9 to 10 types of teeth that are easily found through the following tree.


  Karanj, Neem, Wad, Mango, Violet, Acacia, Khijro, Kher, Awal, Ashok (Asopalav), Gular, Amla, and Harada are all the above-mentioned trees.

  Mango toothpaste in the month of Jeth reduces the problem of cough in the body, keeps the hair black, and maintains health throughout the year. Mango toothpaste should be done only when the real mango season starts.

  Neem toothpaste is a must-have after Holi, this toothpaste is especially needed in summers and this neem tree is very beneficial in Chaitra Vaishakh as it pacifies pitta and gives relief from the heat and fresh heat.

  Neem toothpaste should be used only in summer.

  Wad tooth can be done in monsoon and summer also. Wad tooth strengthens the gums.  Addiction heals weak teeth.

  Kher toothpaste should be used in summer, which gets rid of mouth ulcers in summer.

  Babool Toothpaste (Desi Babool) is used in any season but is especially useful in winters.  There is sulfur in the teeth of this native acacia, which is very useful in getting rid of addiction to humans.

  The teeth of Amla and Harada are done in any season, its teeth are protected.

  Gular, Khizro Kher, is also a safe tooth.

  Using toothpaste alone not only removes bad breath but also cures a disease called pyorrhea in the teeth.  This toothpaste provides better freshness for only eight to ten days as compared to the expensive toothpaste as well as regular toothpaste.


  To complete all these types of toothpaste for only three months, take a toothpaste of another plant.

  Take 8 fingers of this toothpaste and apply it to be juicy.

  Cut and grind the key tooth.

  It is better to bring the tooth fresh, but if it does not match, after using the tooth, cut off the used part and submerge the tooth in water.

  This toothpaste is incredibly useful and beneficial.

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