Download Google Map app Navigate and Explore

Download Google Map app Navigate and Explore
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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Explore your reality quicker and more straightforwardly with Google Guides. North of 220 nations and regions planned, with countless organizations and puts on the guide. Get ongoing GPS route, traffic, and public vehicle data, and investigate nearby areas knowing where to eat, drink and go - regardless area of the planet you're in.

Download Google Map app Navigate and Explore

Arrive quicker with ongoing updates

• Beat traffic with ongoing ETAs and traffic conditions

• Get your transport, train, or lift-share with constant public vehicle information

• Save time with programmed rerouting in view of live traffic, occurrences, and street terminations

Find puts and investigate like a neighborhood

• Find nearby cafés, occasions, and exercises that make a difference to you

• See what's moving and new spots that are opening in the areas you care about

• Choose all the more unhesitatingly with "Your match", a number addressing that you are so prone to like a spot

• Bunch arranging made simple. Share a waitlist of choices and vote continuously

• Make arrangements for your #1 place and offer with companions

• Follow must-attempt places suggested by neighborhood specialists, Google, and distributers

More encounters on Google Guides

• Disconnected guides to look and explore without a Web association

• Road View and indoor symbolism for cafés, shops, historical centers and that's only the tip of the iceberg

• Indoor guides to rapidly observe your direction inside large places like air terminals, malls, and arenas

* A few elements not accessible in a nations 

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