Home Remedies

This home remedy was used by our ancestors...

  What have we forgotten...

Home Remedies

  Tulsi in fever, cold,

  Turmeric in Kakra,

  More buttermilk cumin seeds,

  Kuwadio in Dhadhar,

  Suran in piles,

  salt in teeth

  insect wounds,

  short in leather,

  The knot in glass,

  Bafchi in the white stain,

  bloom in shimlakanta,

  the wound in millet wound

  Ashwagandha in getting lean,

  ginger in poor digestion,

  lump in insomnia,

  Cage in August,

  lemon in anorexia,

  ACDT in Ambala,

  asparagus in ulcers,

  Gotli in Alai,

  Sokupia in stomach pain,

  Jethi honey in cough,

  Mint to increase digestion power,

  Aloe vera and Jasood in gynecology,

  Ardusi in cold cough,

  eggplant in the ground,

  Brahmi to enhance memory

  Barley to reduce obesity

  fennel to cleanse the kidneys,

  Tav dum ma Galka,

  Nagoda in Uva,

  Inflammation or Satodi in urology,

  heat in constipation and skin diseases,

  milk in heart disease,

  Jasood to enhance the beauty of hair,

  karanj for teeth and skin,

  Vaj for brain and epilepsy,

  Nagar Pest for fever and anorexia,

  Added for the confirmation of the body,

  roses for the eyes, etc.

  bhangra for hair growth,

  nutmeg for insomnia,

  Turmeric to improve blood

  cumin to reduce heat,

  leaves for the radish triad,

  Lemons and leaves burst into stones,

  Lindy Pepper for Cough and Asthma

  Caucha B to jerk,

  Shirish B for Migraine,

  Kher for nightmares,


  Sahadevi for headache,

  Dodgy eye and ear scratches

  Use throat and gooseberry for diabetes...!!

  Our forefathers used to do all this...Nowadays they never had any disease..

  Whatever happens to the new generation... we run to the doctor...

  I Ate allopathic medicine.. destroyed the body's immunity...

  Let's go back to country life... and have good health. 

જાણો સંપુર્ણ માહિતી ગુજરાતી