ayurvedic treatment for death

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 ayurvedic treatment for death

 At present, the rainy season is going on.  There is a higher incidence of air-borne diseases especially during the monsoon season, as the monsoon season is the season of wind gusts.  Mortality can be counted in such diseases.  Intestinal abdominal cramps occur when you have frequent bowel movements.  Abdominal cramps are a symptom of cramps.  In Ayurveda, Marda is called 'Pravika' and in English as 'Ambicacentri'.  In Ayurveda, there are four types of dysentery, gallstones, bile ducts, and blood-borne diseases. Here are some remedies to cure diarrhea.

ayurvedic treatment for death

  Remedies to get rid of diarrhea:

  ️ Ajmo, Harde, Sindhav, and Hingni Faki Thi Mardo Mat.

  Eating curd mixed with fenugreek flour gets rid of it.

  Taking the powder of black pepper in buttermilk ends death.

Any old disease is cured by taking powder of dried mango flower.  Heat lemon juice and drink it with cinnamon and granulated sugar.

  Licking a bowl of sesame and sugar to a horse stops blood in diarrhea.  Eating boiled monkeys and eating chopped onions in it stops blood in the stool.

  To stop bleeding in diarrhoea, eat finely chopped onion mixed with curd three or four times in water.

  Dini is ginger juice that cures diarrhoea.

  Death is cured by drinking the juice of fenugreek vegetables with sugar.

  Diarrhea is cured by eating powder of butter and sugar candy.

  It is treated by consuming mango powder mixed with buttermilk or rice porridge.

  Mixing a little salt and lemon juice in a little warm water and drinking it ends diarrhea and diarrhea.

  Diarrhea and diarrhea are cured by taking five basil leaves and two grams of Sanchal, 50 grams of curd.

  Make a decoction of ginger by boiling ginger in hot water, add a few pounds of castor to it and drink it.

  Drinking carrot juice stops diarrhea.

  By taking a decoction of the bark of chikoo, it stops diarrhea.

  After burning palm kernels, drinking it with cold water stops diarrhea.

  Licking the ashes of cardamom husk with honey ends diarrhea.

  * Mixing ginger powder with buttermilk and taking it twice a day stops diarrhea.

  Boiling raw papaya in water and drinking it cures diarrhea.  Grinding nutmeg in water and licking half spoon twice a day stops diarrhea.

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