If you consume more ginger in summer, then know its side effects

 If you consume more ginger in summer, then know its side effects

  Coronavirus is gaining momentum once again.  To protect against this virus, you should include such things in your diet that boost your immunity.  When it comes to boosting immunity, the first thing that comes to mind is ginger.  Ginger is a spice rich in medicinal properties.  From cooking to tea, we consume everything. Ginger is most effective in removing toxins from the throat.


If you consume more ginger in summer, then know its side effects

  You know that excessive use of ginger can also have side effects on your health.  Excessive consumption of ginger in summer can also make you sick.  Ginger boosts your immunity and can make you sick.

  Let us know where ginger can have side effects on our bodies.



  In the Corona period, people's immunity started increasing. As time is passing, people like to boil ginger or drink ginger tea.  The effect of ginger on people is such that they consume ginger tea and decoction several times a day.  Ginger is also used at home in vegetables, lentils, pickles and sauces.  In such a situation, the use of ginger can be harmful.  Eating more ginger in summer can cause diarrhea. 

Ginger can cause gas and heartburn

  Consuming ginger in moderation is beneficial, but if you use it in excess, the heat can cause swelling in your chest.  Limited use of ginger to boost immunity.


  Consumption of ginger in pregnancy can cause harm

  Consuming more than 1500 grams of ginger daily may increase the risk of miscarriage.  Pregnant women should consult a doctor before using ginger during pregnancy.


  Harmful ginger for diabetic and blood pressure patients

  Patients with diabetes and high blood pressure should avoid the consumption of ginger.  Ginger also lowers the blood sugar level.  The effect of the medicines that diabetic patients are taking also seems to be decreasing.  Ginger thins the blood, and BP patients may have low blood pressure.


  Women may have more bleeding

  Ginger has a warming effect.  In summer, hot ginger thins the blood.  You may experience excessive bleeding if you use it during periods.  Your periods may last longer.  Therefore, it is very important to avoid adding ginger to your diet when you are experiencing pain in your periods.


  Ginger inhibits hair growth

  If your hair growth is low or you are suffering from baldness, then first of all you should remove ginger from your diet, ginger is hot, it reduces your hair.