ayurvedic treatment for spiders

 ayurvedic treatment for spiders

  Massage sesame oil on the stained area.  Whole body massage can also be done.

  Mix the ash of Tandalia vegetable or its root in water and rub it on the stained skin and sit in the sun for 15 minutes.  Then take a bath with lukewarm water.

  Mix sandalwood and boron in water and apply on the affected skin.

  Grind both Haridra and black sesame with 2-3 grams of buffalo milk and massage the spider area after mixing the above mixture.

  Soak half a cup of Kunwadia Bee in curd for 3 days.  After 2 days rub this curd well on the body.  Take a bath after sometime.  With this use, the spiders present in any part of the body are completely eliminated in a few days.

  Rubbing oil cedar in lemon juice and applying it on the spiders kills the spiders completely.

  If this disease has spread to the mouth and the whole body, then take a mixture of Man-Shil, Boron and Turmeric powder and apply it on the part which kills the spiders completely, but this experiment should be done with the advice of someone.  expert.

ayurvedic treatment for spiders

  Apart from this, rubbing turmeric and alum in water and massaging it on the spiders also kills the spiders.

  Taking out the juice of radish and applying it on spiders also kills.  Apart from this, other experiments on radish seeds also give very good results on spiders.

  Apart from this, the following herbs can be used in Ayurvedic medicine, in which one tablet of sulfur chemical - 2 times with milk and 1-1 spoon Brihatmanjisthadi decoction should be taken after meals in the morning and evening.  Experiment with one of the outdoor massage experiments shown below.  With such treatment, the spiders should be wiped out.

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