Eye problems

Eye problems

 Eye problems

Eye problems can affect people of all ages.  Red bumps form under and on their eyelids.  Even if this problem seems small.  But it also causes eye pain, burning, itching, and watery eyes.  Due to these problems caused by vitamin A, and D deficiency as well as constipation, the production of bacteria can be harmful to the eyes.  Many people take a small problem for granted and ignore it.  Many people do home remedies for this.  Treating it on time can protect your eyes.  So let's know how the problem of eyes can be removed in 2-3 days with home remedies.

Eye problems

  Symptoms of Cataract in the Eye:-

  pain and swelling

  watery eyes

  peeling eyes


Mango Seeds:

  Soak the nails in water for two days.  Then rub it like sandalwood and apply to the eyelids.  By doing this, the problem of eyelashes will end within 2 days.  Also gives relief to the eyes.


  After heating the water, add turmeric to it.  Then soak a cloth in it and shake it around.  Doing this three to four times a day relieves eye strain.

  Amla leaves:

  Boil 4 amla leaves in water.  After this, shake it on the eyes until it becomes warm.  Doing this 3-4 times a day will give rest to your eyes and get rid of eye problems quickly.

  Aloe vera gel:

  Apply aloe vera gel on the eyelids 3-4 times a day.  Eye pain, swelling, and rashes will go away by applying it.

  Triphala Powder:

  Take 1/2 teaspoon Triphala powder with warm milk in the morning and evening.  Due to this many health problems will also go away along with the eyelashes. 

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