Invaluable benefits of mint juice

 Invaluable benefits of mint juice

  Mint has anti-bacterial properties.  Which helps in relieving pain in the muscles of the body.

  Mixing ginger juice and Sindh in the juice of kudi and drinking it ends stomachache.

  By applying a paste of pudina to the injured area, the injured area heals quickly.

Invaluable benefits of mint juice

  To remove the stains caused by acne and rashes, you can remove the blemishes by extracting the juice of quince and applying it to the acne scars.

  If there is a problem of cold and cough in winter, then drinking quinine tea provides relief.

વાંચો ગુજરાતી માં

  If the swelling on the body of a person does not reduce, then mixing mint leaves in vinegar and applying it to the PC reduces the swelling.

  Due to the change of weather, many people have problems with fever and cold cough.