Photo Lock App - Hide Pictures & Videos

Photograph Lock Application

Photo Lock Application is completely permitted to cover unfathomable photos and accounts. Do you really want your own life incredibly up close and personal? Maintain Mystery your presentation and Not a really obvious explanation to push while giving your high level cell phone to friends and family when Photograph Lock application presented in your phone.

Top Highlights

☆ Conceal Pictures and Recordings: Your reports will be unobtrusively taken care of and should be found in this application after a numeric PIN or Example is placed.

☆ Safe Program: Surf through web using safe program and even download photos and accounts which will be taken care of secretively inside this application. You can even bookmark your favored regions to actually get to them.

☆ Application Lock: Strong Application Lock system to bolt private and social applications close by Finger impression AppLock decision for wonderful devices.

Advance Highlights

► Offer to Stow away

You can directly cover pictures and accounts from phone display or SD card by sharing to Photograph Lock application.

► Counterfeit Vault

Make Counterfeit vault with different mystery state for taking care of fake photos and accounts.

► Covertness Mode (Supplant application image)

Photo Lock application image strangely evaporates and gets superseded with a secret image for instance News, environment, radio, etc. You can moreover start this application without image from your phone's Settings/Applications/Photograph Lock/Oversee SPACE.

► Face Down Lock

The application will perform action given by you when your contraption faces plummeting. You can choose to close the application or open a site or other application in emergency.

► Counterfeit Cover

Veil your applications lock screen to maintain from breaking into your mystery key. Extraordinary finger impression scanner and fake power close trade will cover the certified lock screen.

► Interloper Selfie

Normally takes Gatecrasher selfie when someone endeavors to break in your security by entering mistakenly secret word or model.

► Inbuilt Picture Watcher and Video Player

Support Inbuilt Picture Watcher to see pictures and slideshow them with change influences.

Support Inbuilt Video Player to play accounts with any media player presented in your phone.

► Uninstall Security

Thwarts Photograph Lock application from being uninstalled from youngsters or pariahs.

This application uses the Gadget Executive approval.

This application uses Openness Administration.

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