Follow some very simple tips given here in daily life.

 Follow some very simple tips given here in daily life.  Still, much good work can be done for the environment around us.  Remembering the adage 'Timpe Timpe Only Sarovar Bharai', if everyone gets ready to protect the environment, then our future will be 100% secure.

  Do not waste unnecessary water:

  Do not use too much water to wash the Agassi or Otla.

  Instead of sprinkling water indiscriminately on flowering plants, use drip irrigation system or sprinkler system.  Or fill a spray bottle of water available in the market and sprinkle water on the flowering plant as needed.

  Arrange clothes and pots of water for flowers to reach on their own.  And you won't have to waste extra water for flowering plants.

  Do not leave the water tap open while doing other work.

  Instead of cutting dead trees in house or building construction work, adopt eco-friendly techniques and build in such a way that the tree is not damaged.

Throwing vegetable waste in the trash will act as an excellent fertilizer for flowering plants.  Excessive use of artificial fertilizers destroys the fertility of the soil.

  Conserving trees, protecting the future:

  If there is space in the vicinity of the house or office, then plant trees around it.

  Kitchen garden can also be developed if the space is less.

  If there is illegal felling of trees or poaching of animals and birds around you, then immediately inform the concerned department.

  Trees prevent soil erosion.  Therefore, when trees need to be cut, planning should be done so that the same number of trees can be planted first.

  It is imperative to be eco-friendly:

  Making bio-fertilizers from waste by making people understand about open burning of garbage.

  Use paper bags instead of plastic whenever possible.

  To save the soil from the damage of artificial fertilizers, adopt the option of organic farming.

  Reduce vehicle use to prevent smog, save fuel and protect the environment.  Reduce engine shutdown and brake use on four roads/crossings.

  Buy an electronic item only by looking at its star.  Emphasize the use of electronics that consume less power.

  Switch off when power is not consumed.

  Unplug computers, TVs, chargers, etc., when not needed.

  Organizing tree plantation programs on special occasions.

  You can also opt for different plants for gifting.

  To develop the habit of reading e-papers, e-magazine, e-books. 

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