Ajmo is a treasure of virtues

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 Ajmo is a treasure of virtues 

   Drink Ajama water on an empty stomach in the morning, it will protect you from diabetes, drinking regularly prevents the risk of heart disease.

   It removes the problem of toothache and bad breath.

   stomach related diseases

   And gives relief in constipation.  Its urdiya helps in quick digestion of food.

   Relieves kidney stones and pain.

   Increases the body's metabolism and helps in weight loss.

   Drinking this twice a day ends the problem of diarrhea.

   It reduces the problem of indigestion and gives relief from acidity.

   Drinking a cup of ajma water provides relief in headache.

   Due to this, the problem of cold and phlegm is removed, the risk of asthma is reduced, adding a pinch of sandal to it gives relief in cough. 

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