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AAI Junior Executive Recruitment 2024: એરપોર્ટ ઓથોરિટી ઓફ ઇન્ડિયા દ્વારા ભરતી

AAI Junior Executive Recruitment 2024: એરપોર્ટ ઓથોરિટી ઓફ ઇન્ડિયા દ્વારા ભરતી

AAI Junior Executive Recruitment 2024 : એરપોર્ટ ઓથોરિટી ઓફ ઈન્ડિયા (AAI) એ જાહેરાત દ્વારા નવીનતમ સૂચના બહાર પાડી છે. ગેટ 2024 દ્વારા જુનિયર એક્ઝિક્યુટિવ્સ (આર્કિટેક્ચર/સિવિલ/ઈલેક્ટ્રિકલ/ઈલેક્ટ્રોનિક્સ/ઈન્ફોર્મેશન ટેક્નોલોજી) ની ભરતી માટે નંબર 02/2024/CHQ. લાયક ઉમેદવારો AAI જુનિયર એક્ઝિક્યુટિવ માટે GATE 2024 વેકેન્સી દ્વારા ઑનલાઇન અરજી કરી શકે છે. 2 એપ્રિલ 2024 થી શરૂ થાય છે. GATE દ્વારા AAI જુનિયર એક્ઝિક્યુટિવ ભરતી 2024 થી સંબંધિત તમામ વિગતો નીચે આપેલ છે.
Pam Kisan A-Kick takes off only at home

Pam Kisan A-Kick takes off only at home

PM Kisan e-KYC Update Online At Home There are schemes like Pradhan Mantri Mandhan Yojana, Kisan Credit Card, e Shram Card, etc. You will know about Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sanman Nidhi Yojana. Under this scheme, farmers get Rs. In three installments of 2000, a total of 6000 is received annually. Now you have to do eKYC to continue the benefit of PM Kisan Yojana. This option is now available on the official website of PM Kisan.
Pam Kisan A-Kick takes off only at home

How to Update Online PM Kisan e-KYC?

If you have not updated PM Kisan e-KYC yet, then apply for it today. Otherwise, you will not get the next 10th installment under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana. The central government has made eKYC mandatory for PMKISAN registered farmers. Click on the EKYC option in Farmers Corner for Aadhaar-based OTP authentication and contact the nearest CSC centers for Biometric authentication. Along with this, you can also download the PM Kisan KCC Form PDF for offline application from the official website

How to link Aadhaar with PM Kisan account online?

To link your Aadhaar Card with your PM Kisan Account, you have to follow the below procedures;

Step A Go to the official website of PM Kisan

  • First of all go to the official website of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana,
  • Click on eKYC (New) option on the web homepage.
  • Or directly click on this link – Direct link to the PM Kisan eKYC Portal

Step B Enter Aadhaar Card details

  • On the next page enter your Aadhar card number and captcha code.
  • Keep in mind that enter your same Aadhar card number through which you had applied earlier.
  • Now click on the Search button.

Step C Complete e-KYC OTP

  • After this, you will be asked to enter your mobile number.
  • Enter your mobile number which is linked to your Aadhar card.
  • Now click on the Get OTP button.
  • Enter the OTP received in the given box.
  • Finally, click on the Submit of Auth button.

PM Kisan e KYC CSC – Offline Process

If you are not able to update eKYC online then you can also do your Aadhaar number verification through offline mode. For this, you have to go to your nearest Public Service Center (CSC Center). Here you have to link your Aadhaar number with PM Kisan e-KYC through Biometric authentication. Once the e-KYC is done successfully, also make sure to check the pm kisan status online.

Important Link

FAQ of PM Kisan- eKYC

  • Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sanman Nidhi Yojana ekyc can be done from which website?
  • Farmers will be able to do eKYC for PM Kisan from the website of the Government of India.

How can farmers do e-KYC for this scheme?

Farmers will be able to do e-KYC both online and offline for this scheme.
Sukanya Prosperity Scheme || Sukanya Samrudhdhi Yojana || Sukanya Samrudhdhi Yojana Full Details in Gujarati

Sukanya Prosperity Scheme || Sukanya Samrudhdhi Yojana || Sukanya Samrudhdhi Yojana Full Details in Gujarati

Sukanya Flourishing Plan || Sukanya Samrudhdhi Yojana || Sukanya Samrudhdhi Yojana Full Subtleties in Gujarati

Sukanya Samrudhi Yojana, The plan is to get the fate of the little girls at a loan fee of 8.5 to 9 percent.

Sukanya Samrudhdhi Yojana
Sukanya Samrudhdhi Yojana

Sukanya Samrudhi Record Plan

• This is a drawn-out investment funds plan like the PPF account in which reserve funds can be kept for quite some time.

It must be opened for 10-year-old young ladies and it tends to be run for a long time or until the young lady gets hitched.

• The arrangement has a lock-in time of something like 8 years and half of the sum can be recuperated when the lady turns 18 years of age.

• In this plot at least Rs.1000 and a limit of Rs. 1,50,000 can be stored.

ર The sum saved in Sukanya Samrudhi Yojana is absolved under Segment 80C of the Personal Expense Act and there is no duty on interest or development sum.

Sukanya Samrudhi Record Plan

@intrest rate will change term and state of this plan

This is important for the State head's Beti Bachao, Beti Padao crusade, and a unique reserve funds plot for young ladies focused on advanced education and marriage of Indian little girls. Aside from this, the girls won't be a monetary weight for the family. Under this plan, the rupee will be stored in Sukanya Samrudhi representing the specified time and the sum is gotten back with interest on development.

The best thing concerning this plan is that little investment funds can be saved in it and its record can be opened in the closest bank or mailing station. Under this plan, guardians or lawful gatekeepers can open a record for the sake of the little girl. This record can be opened distinctly in the little girl's name. Is. The Mailing station and Business Bank have been approved by the public authority to open the Sukenya Samrudhi account.

Sukanya Samrudhi Record and Rules

1. Guardians can open a record for the sake of 2 little girls, on the off chance that the little girls are twins or three, they need to show an authentication from the medical clinic and afterward, they will be remembered for the plan.

Age limit -

This record can be opened at 10 years old and after the age of 10, the young lady herself will be liable for her record. Just one record can be opened for the sake of a girl. The investor (watchman) will be an individual who will store cash for the benefit of a young lady.

. A record can't be opened for a kid over 10 years old under this plan.

Sukanya Samrudhi Yojana Age breaking point and more data

interest rate is lumpsum

. Sukanya Samrudhi Yojana has been sent off all over India and henceforth this record for any parent

For this situation, the record holder can work the record in any piece of India yet the record holder or his folks/gatekeepers need to show confirmation of the move. Inability to do as such will bring about the punishment of Rs.100/ - for account move.

1000 is set to open a record. It is obligatory to store basically Rs.1000 each year. On the off chance that this sum isn't kept inside a year then a punishment of ₹50 will be collected.

. The record holder can pull out half of the pre-grown-up sum for their marriage or advanced education at 18 years old.

. For this situation, the record will be shut when the contributor can't store the sum in the record.

. Lock-in Period - Sukanya Samiti can store cash for as long as 15 years from the date of record opening. No store is expected until the record develops. This record will run until the marriage of 21 years or girl.

. In the event that you move cash from the mailing station to the mail center, it will be free. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you move from mail center to bank or, you should spend Rs 100 which is to be done just a single time in a year.

10. On the off chance that a mishap happens and the girl kicks the bucket, the sum saved will be gotten back to her folks with interest.

Sukanya Samrudhi Yojana intrest rate is lumsum

Reports expected to open a record

1. Birth authentication of a little girl given by an emergency clinic or government official.

. Evidence of home of the little girl's folks or legitimate watchman, for example, visa, driver's permit, power or phone charge, elector's personality card, apportion card or some other testament given by the Public authority of India which makes reference to home.

. A Dish card or secondary school testament is likewise substantial for opening a record. The record holder can move his record anyplace in India in the future.

Approved bank under this plan





Association BANK OF INDIA











Company BANK






Partner BANK

USEFUL VIDEO FOR Additional Subtleties 

Strategy for store


Request draft to convey the check

Net Banking


1. After opening the record, the record holder gets a passbook from the bank, in which his date of birth, account number, name, address, date of record opening, store, and so on are composed.

. At the hour of storing the rupee, the passbook should be kept at the mailing station or bank. Also, at the hour of taking interest or at development, you need to present the passbook.

. To make a copy passbook, you will be charged 50. 

Tax benefits

for online application through sbi::

report 1 vtv news report::

report 2 daily hunt news report::

more information here from official site

all form dOwNlod here

Loan fee

SSY guarantees a brilliant future for the little girls of India. The loan fee in this plan is kept exceptionally high so the interest of individuals remains. Loan costs are not fixed. It will likewise change over the long haul. At first, the loan cost was 9.1 percent, however in Walk 2015, it was raised to 9.2 percent for the monetary year 2015-16. In the monetary year 2016-17, the financing cost was fixed at 8.6 percent. The financing cost is determined on a tenth of consistency.

The greatest benefit of the Sukanya Samrudhi Record Plan is that it is charge absolved. Submit to Sukanya Samrudhi Yojana

Continue To visit Yashdodiya Official site for greater Government yojana data.

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