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AAI Junior Executive Recruitment 2024: એરપોર્ટ ઓથોરિટી ઓફ ઇન્ડિયા દ્વારા ભરતી

AAI Junior Executive Recruitment 2024: એરપોર્ટ ઓથોરિટી ઓફ ઇન્ડિયા દ્વારા ભરતી

AAI Junior Executive Recruitment 2024 : એરપોર્ટ ઓથોરિટી ઓફ ઈન્ડિયા (AAI) એ જાહેરાત દ્વારા નવીનતમ સૂચના બહાર પાડી છે. ગેટ 2024 દ્વારા જુનિયર એક્ઝિક્યુટિવ્સ (આર્કિટેક્ચર/સિવિલ/ઈલેક્ટ્રિકલ/ઈલેક્ટ્રોનિક્સ/ઈન્ફોર્મેશન ટેક્નોલોજી) ની ભરતી માટે નંબર 02/2024/CHQ. લાયક ઉમેદવારો AAI જુનિયર એક્ઝિક્યુટિવ માટે GATE 2024 વેકેન્સી દ્વારા ઑનલાઇન અરજી કરી શકે છે. 2 એપ્રિલ 2024 થી શરૂ થાય છે. GATE દ્વારા AAI જુનિયર એક્ઝિક્યુટિવ ભરતી 2024 થી સંબંધિત તમામ વિગતો નીચે આપેલ છે.
The Girnar ropeway project

The Girnar ropeway project

 The Girnar ropeway project

The Girnar ropeway project
The Girnar ropeway project

900 m altitude, 2.3 km ropeway at a cost of Rs 130 crore
After the Junagadh Statue of Unity, Motera Stadium, it is learned that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will soon unveil the Girnar ropeway. In this regard, Deepak Kapalis of Usha Braco Company of Girnar Ropeway Project said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi also unveils what he is inaugurating. The Statue of Unity, Motera Stadium is an example of this. Girnar rope-way will also be unveiled soon. The Girnar ropeway being built by Usha Braco is one of the largest ropeways in the country. Usha Braco, who has more than 50 years of experience, is constructing a ropeway at an estimated cost of Rs 130 crore, which will also be maintained and maintained by the company.

Girnar ropeway largest project:

Girnar ropeway operating at Pavagadh and Ambaji has been enlisted with the help of technical experts from abroad. This project will develop the tourism sector of Saurashtra, saving the time and energy of the pilgrims. Junagadh Girnar ropeway will soon be the center of attraction in the world tourism map which will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi soon.

Deepak Kapalis of the company said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi also unveils what he is inaugurating. Girnar rope-way will also be unveiled soon. The Girnar ropeway being built by Usha Braco is one of the largest ropeways in the country. Usha Braco, who has more than 50 years of experience, is constructing the ropeway at an estimated cost of Rs 130 crore.

The Girnar ropeway, which is 2.3 km long at an altitude of 900 m above the ground, will take only 8 to 10 minutes to reach Ambaji. It will save the time and energy of the pilgrims. Junagadh Girnar ropeway will soon be the center of attraction on the world tourism map. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate it by the end of next May. At the same time, there is speculation as to how the accused will bow down at the Ambaji Mata temple at Girnar on his first trip. While the possibility of dignitaries including Prime Minister Narendra Modi coming to inaugurate this largest project in Asia is being discussed in basic sources.

The rap way being prepared for devotees who want to visit Girnar, a major pilgrimage destination in Gujarat, is likely to be opened on October 17. The then Chief Minister and the present Prime Minister, who laid the foundation stone of the project in 2007, are expected to be present to unveil the ropeway. Rs 1.10 crore has been spent on this ropeway. It can be carried from sea level to an altitude of about 3500 to 3700 meters with the help of a rope vane. Approximately 16 cabins will be connected to this ropeway. This cabin can accommodate up to 16 people at a time. The pilgrim will reach the top in just nine minutes after the ropeway starts.

What is a ropeway ticket?

A ropeway ticket costs around Rs. 700 is likely to be kept. Pilgrims carry Rs.4000 to Rs.5000 per person. Against him Rs. 700 return tickets are expected to be issued. It is learned that the government is ready to set up shop in the same area to compensate the elderly and infirm pilgrims for the damage caused by it.
Windy : Live Cyclone Updates

Windy : Live Cyclone Updates

 Windy : Live Cyclone Updates

The most detailed hiking maps of the world that work even offline.
Windy Maps by chart the whole world in detail. Whether you love hiking, biking, or skiing, you will enjoy this app.

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Measuring distance by two fingers on the map Submitting photographs of places.

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without internet connectionsWhat’s New Winter map – map includes information about ski slopes, cross-country ski tracks and other winter information.

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Shaded relief and slope inclination need to be turned on Menu/Settings/Map, and both are available only when online.

Applying Gujarat Land Mutation (Varsai / Hayati) through e-Dhara Centre

Applying Gujarat Land Mutation (Varsai / Hayati) through e-Dhara Centre

 Applying Gujarat Land Mutation (Varsai / Hayati) through e-Dhara Centre

Applying Gujarat Land Mutation (Varsai / Hayati) through e-Dhara Centre: Gujarat land mutation refers to the registration of the name of the property owner in the Record of Right (7/12 or 8A), i.e. the process of transferring the title ownership of property or land from one person to another. The Bombay Land Revenue Code, 1879 governs the process of land mutation in Gujarat. 

The land mutation is a vital process in all legal transactions involving the property. Through mutating a land in Gujarat, the owner will acquire the rights of the land, and the property details will be revised in the revenue record (7/12 and 8A) as well as in the Gujarat mutation register. In this article, we will look at Gujarat land mutation in detail.

The application procedure to complete Gujarat Land Mutation through e-Dhara centre is explained in detail below:Step 1: The applicant needs to submit an application form in a prescribed format to the -Dhara centre operator.To download mutation application visit the home page of the 
From the home page, click on E-Dhara Forms.In a new page, the list of E-Dhara application form will be displayed. By clicking on download option, you can get the printed copy of the application form.Step 2: On receipt of the application, postal addresses, telephone numbers of khatedars, the necessary attached supporting documents, consistency of application detail with computer data, will be scrutinized. cGet Acknowledgement ReceiptStep 3: The operator enters the basic details into the computer from the application and generates two copies of acknowledgement receipt. The applicant gets one copy of the receipt. Verification by MamlatdarStep 4: The e-Dhara deputy mamlatdar will verify the application details, supporting documents and basic details entered and authenticate it biometrically. 

The system generates a unique mutation entry number and mutation note.Step 5: The e-Dhara deputy Mamlatdar verifies and does biometric authentication. The operator will generate notices from the system and keeps it with the mutation case file. Verification by TalatiStep 6: The Talati will collect mutation files from the e-Dhara centre. He/she follows up the mutation process, i.e., serving notices and taking 
acknowledgements from the party and waiting for 30 days.Step 7: The mutation file after the competent authority’s approval will be submitted to the e-Dhara centre for further processing.Step 8: When the process is completed, the mutation file becomes a permanent record residing in the e-Dhara record room.Issue of RORThe Talati issues new 7/12, a copy of 8A, the khata and form six entries to the applicant on demand.

Land Mutation (Varsai / Hayati) Document:

information About Health Insurance Policy

information About Health Insurance Policy

 information About Health Insurance Policy

information About Health Insurance Policy
information About Health Insurance Policy

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is a type of insurance that offers coverage to the policyholder for medical expenses in case of a health emergency. A health insurance plan chosen by the insured provides coverage for different expenses including surgical expenses, day-care expenses, and critical illness, etc.

What is Health Insurance Policy?

A health insurance policy is a contract between the insurer and policyholder in which the insurance company provides financial coverage for medical expenses incurred by the insured. A health policy provides the benefit of reimbursement of medical expenses or cashless treatment mentioned in the health policy.

Importance of Health Insurance Plans

Health emergencies do not come with prior notice. With sedentary lifestyles, more and more people are becoming prone to lifestyle diseases in India. And with the increased demand for quality healthcare services, medical treatment has now become quite expensive, especially in private hospitals. And without insurance, the hospital bills are enough to drain one’s savings.

Therefore, a health insurance plan becomes an absolute necessity as it offers coverage to the insured family members and the policyholder against the exorbitant hospitalization expenses in case of an accident or illness.

By providing tax-saving benefits on health insurance premiums, the Government encourages everyone in the Budget 2021 to get health insurance cover and avail tax deductions benefits u/s 80D.

At present, a tax deduction of up to Rs 25,000 is permissible u/s 80D for health insurance premiums paid for individuals below the age of 60 years. If your parents are above 60 years then you are allowed an additional tax benefit of Rs 50,000. If you and your parents both are above 60 years then this limit is extended to Rs 1 lakh.

We at Policybazaar can help you buy the right health insurance plan that suits your requirement below is the list of health insurance plans with the top Insurers. You can do the comparison and find the best health plan for your family.

Benefits of Buying Health Insurance Plans for Family

One of the biggest benefits of family health insurance plans is that it is suitable for bigger families that comprise of children, grandparents, etc. There are several other benefits that insured members can avail themselves of with family floater health insurance plans. You can get coverage for all the members, irrespective of their age, under a single policy. Here is a quick rundown of the major advantages:

Stress-free Hospitalization Expense Cover

health insurance plans for families trim down the task of choosing a separate individual health policy for each family member. Also, you don’t have to pay a separate premium to get a health cover for each member. In case of hospitalization, the insured member can avail cashless treatment in a network hospital just like individual health plans. In this way, you can get all your family members eligible to get medical attention without compromising on the treatment.

Insure new family members at ease

In these health insurance plans, you can add a new family member easily. With an individual cover, a fresh policy needs to be taken each time when there is an addition of a new member to the family. If you add your parents to an existing family health insurance plan, make sure to opt for a higher sum insured. In case the eldest member dies or is no more eligible for the coverage, then the other insured members would continue to get health insurance coverage benefits. This is one of the biggest benefits that a family floater health plan provides.

Affordable Premium

health insurance plans in India's - family health insurance plans do not require you to pay individual premiums for all the members. You can cover your spouse, child, and parents under the same plan at an affordable premium. However, for parents, it is suggested to buy individual health cover considering their age-related health issues.

Get Health Insurance Cover for Parents in the same plan

One of the major benefits is that you can secure the health of your parents and that of your spouse’s parents under one plan. By paying an additional premium it is also possible to get individual health cover for dependent parents or even your in-laws.

COVID Health Insurance for Family

You can buy Health insurance for Coronavirus to cover yourself and your family members. Almost all the insurance providers are offering coronavirus treatment cover under the basic health insurance plans. Several health insurers have also launched corona specific health insurance policies along with Corona Kavach policy and Corona Rakshak policy. Corona Kavach policy offers coverage on a family floater basis and covers hospitalization costs incurred on the treatment of this deadly virus including the cost of medicines, PPE kits, ICU expenses, doctor fees, and the likewise.

Corona Rakshak's policy also covers COVID treatment but the coverage is provided on an individual basis for a minimum of 72 hours of hospitalization. If you want to buy a separate policy for each family member then you can also consider Corona Rakshak's policy. Or you can check with your insurer if your existing family health insurance covers coronavirus treatment.

Option to avail Additional Benefits

There are various add-on benefits that are available including critical illness cover, maternity cover, etc. For example, young couples can get maternity cover and newborn baby cover. However, this feature is subject to a waiting period clause. Please read your policy documents carefully if you want to buy the best health insurance plans for families with maternity cover.

Grab Discounts

Under health insurance plans for families, you can avail of discounts and other perks in form of incentives offered by the policy. This is one of the easiest and simplest ways to protect your family’s health.

Tax Benefits on Health Insurance Premium

Under Section 80D of the Indian Income Tax Act, the health insurance premium is given a tax exemption. If someone is paying the health insurance premium for their family and parents, then it is eligible for tax benefits.

It's quite difficult to say which type of health insurance plan is better out of a family health plan and an individual health plan unless we compare the coverage provided by both the plans in different practical scenarios.

Health insurance plans for the family cover the entire family for a single sum insured and a single premium needs to be paid to the insurance company. In other words, there is only one policy for the entire family, and the premium payment is also a single in a year.

On the flip side, an individual health plan covers only one person, and therefore, there has to be a separate health plan for each family member. Since there are multiple policies, the premium payable for each policy will also be different.

If we compare the premiums payable for both these types of health insurance plans, the combined premium payable for multiple individual health plans is significantly higher than that for a family health plan.

Eligibility Criteria to buy Family Health Insurance Plans

A family health plan is more like a group health insurance plan. It allows you to include several members of your family in a single plan for a single sum assured at a single annual premium. If yours is a family of 4 or 6, you can purchase a family health insurance plan and you need not meet specific eligibility criteria.

There are certain key points that you must keep in mind when you're going to buy health insurance for your family. These points are given below:

It allows you to include new members in the policy at the cost of an additional premium

The policy expires as soon as the eldest member of the family reaches the maximum covered age of a person

Choose to increase the sum assured if you include new family members in the policy to ensure enough coverage for an individual family member

The policy no longer covers a dependent child as soon as he/she crosses the age limit specified in the policy document

Don't include your senior citizen parents in your existing family health plan, as it will significantly increase the premium

In a nutshell, almost any family can choose to buy a health insurance plan within its budget. Also, the premium is lesser than that of the combined premium payable for an individual health plan.

*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C applies.

How to Buy a New Health Insurance Plan for Family?

If you currently have a health insurance plan and you want to include your family members in it, ask your insurer about the same. However, if you're new to insurance and want to buy an insurance plan to cover your family members, you have various insurers to buy it.

For your own convenience, you can go online and compare multiple family health insurance plans to buy the best one within your budget. It is advisable not to look for the policy with the least premium, as you cannot compromise on the coverage.

There is no point in buying a health plan with insufficient coverage just because you don't want to pay less, as you might still have to pay for your healthcare expenses from your own pocket. Therefore, make your decision wisely.

How to File Claims for a Family Health Insurance Plan?

You can file a health insurance claim in two ways and the procedure is given below:
For cashless requests for pre-authorization, follow the below mentioned process:
Email or fax the pre-authorization form, which you can find at the TPA or insurance desk of the hospital. You can download it from the insurer’s site as well.

Submit all the documents such as discharge letters, medical reports, diagnostic reports, bills, etc.
The claim management team will send you the letter of approval if the claim request is approved
If there is any query regarding your claim, then the insurance company will contact the hospital for the same

If it’s not approved, you will need to request for reimbursement claim
Reimbursement claim process is as follows:
Submit the claim form along with other required documents as mentioned at the time of policy purchase
You need to address the queries raised by the claim management team of the insurance company
Either you will receive a letter of approval or rejection after submitting the form

Why Buy Family Health Plan Online from Policybazaar? - health insurance policybazaar

There is no dearth of Mediclaim policies in India and buying one is a difficult task. Save your time and energy by comparing different family health insurance plans at Policybazaar as quotes from all leading insurers are available on one single platform. When you buy online you will get transparent dealing, correct recommendations, and hassle-free buying. Make an informed choice by comparing the policies

How To Increase Immunity Power In Corona Virus Situation PDF Download

How To Increase Immunity Power In Corona Virus Situation PDF Download

 How To Increase Immunity Power In Corona Virus Situation PDF Download

How To Increase Immunity Power In Corona Virus Situation PDF Download. 

Covid – 19 or Coronavirus was articulated as an overall pandemic by the World Health Organization. What's more, remembering that the countries are grappling with moving toward risks that this contamination stances to humanity, there are very few key gauges that individuals can take to fight this pandemic. 

While it is important to indicate neatness standards like washing your hands sometimes, especially if you have passed by open vehicle. Using an alcohol sanitizer, in case you are wandering out to clean your hands, wearing a cloak (cover your nose and mouth) and making an effort not to contact your hand or mouth. There are also certain systems to improve your resistance which is premier at this junction. 
How To Increase Immunity Power In Covid Situation PDF Download 
Individuals in sure earlier illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, cardio vascular contamination, and respiratory issues are at a higher threat of having Covid 19 complexities, it furthermore messes with age as the general invulnerability reduces as you get more settled. In the more young age with no secret illnesses. 


Coronavirus can achieve a minor defilement, on the off chance that you have a vivacious safety and don't partake in practices like smoking or vaping to fight the intrusion of the disease. Here is an overview of measures you can endeavor to improve your immunity.

The food you eat plays an indispensable viewpoint in choosing your overall prosperity and opposition. Eat low carb tallies calories, as this will help control high glucose and squeezing factor. A low carb diet will help ruin diabetes and focus on a protein-rich eating routine to keep you perfectly healthy. Additionally, regularly eat up vegetables and characteristic items well off in Beta carotene, Ascorbic destructive and other basic supplements. Certain food sources like mushrooms, tomato, ring pepper and green vegetables like broccoli, spinach are similarly satisfactory decisions to collect adaptability in the body against pollutions.

Immunity Booster application help you to stay away from health complications

Immunity Booster Foods application help you to stay away from health complications like heat stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, heart ailments,diabetes and many more. Fruits effectively fight skin disorders and promote healthy hair growth. It is always suggested to eat raw, fresh and ripe fruits because then you experience  the real health benefits, rather than consuming them after processing or cooking.

Why the “Immunity Booster” app is better than all other apps. Here are features

- A good collection of the Fruits, vegetable for health benefits.
- Works even offline can draw anytime and anywhere.
- User interface of app is colorful, responsive and easy to navigate.
- User can save the favorite fruit benefits in the favorite list to read it later.
- Parents can use it to teach the children about the health benefits of fruit.
- Share your favorite benefits with your friends and family.
- Different options in setting to change the font size etc.
- User can share/save images.
- Immunity System Booster app 100% free.

Immunity System app is suitable for everyone who wants to know more about the benefits of fruits and vegetable  So Eat Immunity Booster Foods Daily an Keep Away from Hospitals and Doctors.

This app will organize and provide following benefits:

- Controls Blood Pressure ,Improves Skin And Hair Health, Improves Bone Health, Aids Weight Loss, Keeps Your Heart Healthy, Helps Treat Inflammation, Keeps You Hydrated,
  Helps Combat Cancer, Might Help Relieve Muscle Soreness, Aids Digestion, Good For Pregnant Women, Prevents Asthma, Offers Kidney Support.

If there are things that are not acceptable in the app and we collect data from various resources, please feel free to contact us. Don't forget to comment and rate this application

Live Darshan for India All Temple

Live Darshan for India All Temple

 Live Darshan for India All Temple

Hello friends, what are you doing? All is well and here you will be sent all the education related information every day. You can easily download the information from here and you can also pass this information on to others easily and specially.

સોમનાથ મંદિર લાઈવ દર્શન : Click Here

  Visit the famous Temples of India every day at home.

Many Temples are currently closed to visitors during the Corona period. You can watch LIVE every day from the following link.

દ્વારકાધીશ મંદિર લાઈવ દર્શન : Click Here

The Dwarkadhish Temple, also known as Jagat Mandir, was originally built by Vajranabha, the great grandson of Lord Krishna, on the banks of Gomti river in 400 BC. This five storied limestone structure stretching to a height of 170 feet is supported by 72 pillars and is located in the heart of the city. A huge flag on its magnificently carved dome is made from 52 yards of cloth and can be seen from a distance of almost 10 kms. Interestingly, this flag, also referred to as Dwajaa, is changed five times a day.

શીરડી સાંઈબાબા મંદિર લાઈવ દર્શન

Amid the rising COVID-19 cases in Maharashtra, the Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust (SSST) has decided to shut Sai Baba temple in Shirdi, Maharashtra from 8 pm tonight, i.e. April 5, 2021. The temple will remain closed till April 30, 2021. Mumbai's Siddhivinayak temple will also remain closed till further orders.

Jalaram Bapa Mandir History:

Jalaram Bapa Mandir situated in Virpur, Gujarat. Sri Jalaram Bapa is a greatly revered saint. This is one of the popular pilgrimage sites of Virpur. People from various places flock to this holy shrine. Jairam Bapa was born on 14th November 1799. Sri Pradhan Thakkar and Srimathi Rajbai Thakkar gave birth to Jairam Bapa. This temple dedicating to Jairam Bapa was built in 1978 at the Dharmaj – Tarapur highway. There is a sacred spot in this temple which is made up of copper which is filled with the sacred holy water. It is said that this copper pot was filled with the sacred water of river Ganges. It is strongly believed that this water cures any kind of disease. This is a miracle that the water in this pot never gets dries up. People from various parts of the state flock to this temple to seek the holy Ganga water as Prasad to seek a healthy life. This temple also offers annapradam (Charity or free food) to the needy and the poor people. Everyone that is both the rich and poor is treated as same, no signs of discrimination are seen in this holy temple.

Jalaram Bapa Mandir Virpur Temple Timings:

All days of the week7:00 am to 8:30 pm

Jalaram Bapa Mandir Darshan Timings:

7:00 am to 12:00 Noon4:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Aarti Timings:

Mangal Aarti7:30 amShangar Aarti9:00 amSandhya Aarti7:30 pm

Shamalaji Temple History

On the way from Shamlaji Temple to the Meshwo River, a small shrine is positioned, where a deity of a standing Ganesha idol from the late-Gupta period is still worshiped. In the 10th century A.D. a temple named- Harishchandra ni chori was constructed which has a rectangular sanctum at the centre with a large pavilion in front. The whole structure is surrounded within the courtyard and the inner walls have fallen down but the gateway still stands inside the premises. Temples parts, unmanaged elements and the scattered idols of many gods and goddess were found at Shamlaji which display that since bygone days, it has been a very famous and formidable centre of pilgrimage on the highway between Gujarat and Rajasthan. A historic and sacred place- Devni Mori, which is 2 km from Shamlaji, is having residues of a Buddhist monastery from around 3rd-4th century AD. In Vadnagar, the stupa which is basically esteemed as a sharir stupa, has proved the presence of Buddhists. Excavating of the stupa brought to light an inscribed casket which contained relic’s of Buddha. This is a place of pilgrimage and thus has been established as a quaint spot, where many ancient shrines have been scattered all over the place. A small temple of Trilokeshwar is located just opposite to Shamlaji temple which has a beautiful and unusual idol of Shiva with the trident. The Kashi-Vishwanath Mahadev is also an ancient temple situated on the hillocks which is about seven feet below the ground level. The temple of Ranchhodji, is on the opposite bank. The tomb of Navgaja Pir, a maulvi (muslim cleric) is sited close by the main temple and thus visited by many ‘Adivasis’. Many broken shrines show that the whole area round about Shamlaji was once not only prosperous but an important centre of civilization and culture.

Temple Timings

DayMorningEveningAll Day 06:00 AM 08:30 PM

Gujarat is popular to temple and differant places. here Salangpur Hanumanji Temple, District - Botad, Gujarat,India. The name of this place is "Salangpur" and its almost 150 kms away form Ahmadabad and 82 km from Bhavnagar. The name of this Salangpur Hnauman is "Kashtabhanjan Hanuman".

The temple is really big and spacious, and the statue of Lord Hanuman is really impressive. Make sure to collect the holy water from the well.

Food is served free to all visitors at the temple’s dining room. This dining room is run by the temple’s trust as well as the Swaminarayana temple located in the same complex. Around 5,000 people take prasad in the form of lunch daily.This figure will be at least double on Saturdays. There is a dharmshala located near the gate of the temple, where the people can stay overnight if they wish. Shri Hanuman Mandir, Sarangpur

LIVE: Watch 24x7 - 365 Days Darshan's

1 - Live Darshan of Ganga Aarti

2 - Live Darshan of Lalbaugcha Raja

3 - Live Darshan of Shri Vigneshwar Ozar

4 - Live Darshan of Mahaganapati Mandir Ranjangaon

5 - Live Darshan of Mahalaxmi Mandir Mumbai

6 - Live Darshan of Mumbadevi Mandir Mumbai

7 - Live Darshan of Ichha Puran Balaji Rajasthan

8 - Live Darshan of Babulnath Mandir Mumbai

9 - Live Darshan of Iskcon Mandir Girgaon

10 - Live Darshan of Shani Shingnapur

11 - Live Darshan of Karni Mata Temple Deshnoke

12 - Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra Ram leela.

13 - Live Darshan of Shree Amba Bai Mahalaxmi Kolhapur.

14 - Live Darshan of Prati Shirdi - Sai baba.

15 - Live Darshan of Shree Jyotiba Temple Kolhapur.

16 - Live Darshan of Shree Pashupatinath Temple Mandsaur MP.

17 - Live Darshan of Jetalpur Swaminarayan Mandir Gujarat.

18 - Live Darshan of Salangpur Hanumanji Gujarat.

19 - Live Darshan of Shree Swaminarayan Temple Kalupur Gujarat.

20 - Live Darshan of Narayanghat Swaminarayan Mandir Ahmedabad Gujarat.

21 - Live Darshan of Ghanshyam Maharaj Temple Bhuj Gujarat.

22 - Live Darshan of Radha Krishna Dev Darshan Bhuj Gujarat.

23 - Live Darshan of Shree Swaminarayan Temple Bhuj Gujarat.

24 - Live Darshan of Shree Swaminarayan Temple Cardiff UK.

25 - Live Darshan of ISSO Shree Swaminarayan Temple Boston US.

26- Live Darshan of ISSO Colonia Swaminarayan Mandir US.

28 - Live Darshan of Shree Swaminarayan Temple Vadtal Gujarat.

29 - Live Darshan of Sabha Mandap Darshan Bhuj Gujarat.

30 - Live Darshan of NarNarayan Dev Darshan Bhuj Gujarat.

31- Live Darshan of Ghanshyam Maharaj Temple Anjar Gujarat.

Rituals such as Abhishek, Pooja and Aarti, which runs from morning to night, can now seen on your Mobile, Tablet and Android TV.

Presently Available LIVE God Darshan

★ Sai Baba Temple, Shirdi

★ Tirupati Balaji Tirumala

★ Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai

★ Vitthal Rukmini Temple, Pandharpur

★ Mahalaxmi Temple, Kolhapur

★ Ambabai Temple (TuljaBhavani), Tuljapur

★ Iskcon Temple – Ujjain, Juhu and Bangalore

★ Omkareshwar Temple, Indore

★ Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga

★ Saptashrungi devi, Nashik

★ Sai Sadan, Nellore

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Australian media claim:China has been researching coronavirus since 2015, seeking to use it as a biological weapon.

Australian media claim:China has been researching coronavirus since 2015, seeking to use it as a biological weapon.

 Australian media claim:China has been researching coronavirus since 2015, seeking to use it as a biological weapon.

Last year, then-US President Donald Trump publicly called the corona a Chinese virus.

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Australian media claim:China has been researching coronavirus since 2015, seeking to use it as a biological weapon.
Canberra8 hours ago

Last year, then-US President Donald Trump publicly called the corona a Chinese virus.

Coronavirus did not come suddenly in 2020, but China has been preparing for this since 2015. The Chinese military was plotting to use the Kovid-19 virus as a biological weapon six years ago. The Weekend Australian has revealed this in its report. The report is based on a research paper from China. It said China had been trying to develop a biological weapon using the SARS virus for six years.

According to the report, Chinese scientists and health officials were discussing different strains related to corona in 2015 alone. At the time, Chinese scientists said it would be used as a biological weapon in World War III. There was also a discussion on how to change it into an epidemic.

Every time China backs out of the investigation, the
report also raises the question of whether China backs down when it comes to investigating the virus. The virus has not spread from any bat market, said Robert Potter, an Australian cybersecurity expert. This theory is completely wrong.

After an in-depth study of the research paper in China, Robert said that the research paper is absolutely true. We continue to study on Chinese research papers. This reveals what Chinese scientists are thinking.

Why this claim can be strong The
Australian media report cannot be denied. Last year, then-US President Donald Trump publicly called the corona a Chinese virus. He said that this has been prepared in the lab of China and because of this the world's health sector is being destroyed, the economies of many countries have been in great trouble. Trump went so far as to say that US intelligence agencies have enough evidence to prove this and will present it to the world in due course.

Of course, since then Trump has lost the election and the Biden administration has so far said nothing publicly about China. However, a recent Bloomberg report pointed to the fact that the United States is investigating the matter very quickly and seriously.

The transition is growing rapidly
worldwide Corona cases are growing very fast worldwide. Recently, 7.83 lakh new cases came up in the world. 13,022 people lost their lives during this time. Corona is most commonly found in India and Brazil. India and Brazil accounted for 47 per cent of all deaths worldwide on Saturday. 4,133 people died in India and 2,091 in Brazil.

15.83 crore cases so
far More than 15.83 crore people have been infected with corona virus in the world so far. Of these, more than 32.96 lakh people have died, while 13.66 crore people have beaten the corona. At present, 1.92 crore people are undergoing treatment. Of these, 1.91 million have coronary heart disease and 1.07 million have serious condition.

China's 21-ton rocket crashes:Uncontrollable Chinese rocket 'March 5B' also passed over Gujarat, finally crashing near Maldivian seas

China's 21-ton rocket crashes:Uncontrollable Chinese rocket 'March 5B' also passed over Gujarat, finally crashing near Maldivian seas

 China's 21-ton rocket crashes:Uncontrollable Chinese rocket 'March 5B' also passed over Gujarat, finally crashing near Maldivian seas

A picture of the time when China's uncontrollable rocket passed through Gujarat
NASA also had an eye on China's rocket, it was likely to crash at any moment

A rocket named March 5B was sent into space by China which crashed early this morning. Experts believe the rocket crashed off the coast of the Maldives. This unmanned rocket was constantly followed by the American space agency NASA. The unmanned rocket also passed over Kutch in Gujarat and finally crashed early this morning near the sea off the Maldives near India.

Space track disclosure

Space Track, a space monitoring agency that uses American military data, also acknowledged that the rocket had crashed. SpaceTrack posted a tweet saying that those who used to keep an eye on Long March 5B entering Earth can now relax. The rocket has crashed.

Rocket debris found near Maldives The
China Manned Space Engineering Office said on Sunday that the rocket entered the Earth's atmosphere at 10.24 am Beijing time. Its debris fell at 72.47 degrees east longitude and 2.65 degrees north latitude in an open space. The area of ​​the Indian Ocean where the rocket debris was found is very close to the Maldives. The agency said most of it was burnt to ashes during entry into the atmosphere. Thus, the governments of every country around the world were worried about where and when this rocket would crash and they have now breathed a sigh of relief.

The rocket was launched on April 29 from southern Henan, China. The team operating the rocket lost control of it due to some defects. Now in such a situation the March 5B rocket was coming towards the earth at flood speed and was likely to crash anywhere on the earth.

The rocket weighs 19,050 kg.

The main part of this rocket is calle
d the core. It weighs about 21 tons i.e. 19 thousand 50 kg and is over 100 feet in length. This unmanned rocket could enter Earth's atmosphere on Saturday, May 8. Other countries, including the US space agency NASA and the European space agency, are also monitoring the situation with their own radar systems. Whenever the rocket enters the earth, the space agencies will notify the local administration before it is likely to crash in any country.

Even last year a rocket crashed.

This uncontrollable rocket is coming towards the earth so fast that in which area and when will it crash? It has also become very difficult to know. The rocket will burn up as soon as it enters the Earth's atmosphere, but any surviving part could wreak havoc if it crashes into a populated region of any country.

LIC Kanyadan Scheme 2021: New LIC Scheme For Girls    LIC Kanyadan Scheme 2021: New LIC Scheme For Girls

LIC Kanyadan Scheme 2021: New LIC Scheme For Girls LIC Kanyadan Scheme 2021: New LIC Scheme For Girls

LIC Kanyadan Scheme 2021: New LIC Scheme For Girls

LIC Kanyadan Scheme: If you are searching for kanyadan yojana 2021 then you are at the right place here is all information available about LIC Kanyadan Scheme Like Eligible criteria, important document, benefits, rules, and also lic kanyadan policy online apply so this is the perfect place to know about this scheme.

Using lic kanyadan yojana calculator you can calculate installment, premium, benefits, and more. Also, LIC kanyadan policy premium chart Available on the LIC Policy document so you can easily understand it. sukanya samriddhi yojana and lic kanyadan policy are different but both are the best Scheme for the daughter.

LIC Kanyadan Scheme 2021

Today LIC has become the largest insurance company in India. You are worried about your daughter's future, then you can take this LIC policy for her. This LIC Scheme Is made specifically for the marriage of daughters. The name of this policy is 'Kanyadan Yojana'.

The LIC Kanyadan Policy is a unique scheme. The daughter benefits a lot from this scheme. that is like an ideal gift for your daughter to educated and self depending. also best for daughters marrige.

LIC Kanyadan Policy is a childhood future scheme. The plan of Kanyadan Policy is available at a monthly premium of around Rs 3600 at a daily rate of Rs 121.  Also low Premium and less premium scheme available.LIC Kanyadan Yojana How To Apply ?

To Apply For LIC Kanyadan Policy Follow Given below Step and you can easily Apply.

You can contect LIC Agent or visit your nearest LIC Office and Ask Him For They gives you all information and Helping to invest in this Scheme.

You Can Read More information at LIC India Official website.This Is Full Information Of 'LIC Kanyadan Yojana 2021' If you have any questions then visit LIC India Official Website. Keep share this LIC Scheme Information with everyone.

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How to Request for PVC Aadhaar Card online||

How to Request for PVC Aadhaar Card online||

 How to Request for PVC Aadhaar Card online||

How to Request for PVC Aadhaar Card

UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) has recently introduced the release of PVC based Aadhaar card. This card is easy to carry and is durable. It will have a digitally signed secure QR code with photographs and demographic details equipped with many security features. UIDAI says that even if your mobile number is not registered with the Aadhaar card, you can order this card.

The government, to address this problem, has launched PVC Aadhaar Card. PVC stands for Polyvinyl Card, which looks similar to the size of an ATM Card. One can carry the PVC Aadhar card in their wallet easily because of its smaller size. Moreover, the citizens can avail of these portable sized Update Aadhar Cards registering on the official portal residentpvc.uidai portal.

Features of the PVC Aadhaar Card

It is more durable, convenient to carry

It has good printing quality and it comes with lamination

It has the latest security features including a hologram, Guilloche Pattern, ghost image & Microtext.

The card is completely weather-proof.

It contains the embossed Aadhaar logo.

What are the charges for applying for the Online Aadhaar PVC Card? Individual will have to pay a nominal fee of Rs 50 (inclusive of GST and speed post charges) while ordering the PVC Aadhaar Card

Enter your 10-digit Aadhaar number (UID) or 16-digit Virtual Identification Number (VID) or 28-digit enrollment ID.

Note the security code.

Select the option of registered number to get OTP. If the mobile number is not registered, fill in the optional number if available.

Click on ‘Send OTP’.

Tick ‘Terms and Conditions’ after approval. (Note: Click on the hyperlink and see the details)

Click ‘Submit’ after completing the ‘OTP’ verification process.

After clicking on ‘Make payment’, you will be taken to the payment gateway, where you will get the option of Credit / Debit Card, Net Banking and UPI.Receipt of payment will be successful, it will have digital signature on it. You will get the service request number on SMS. You can use this number to track the process until the card is delivered.

Important Notes for Request PVC Aadhaar Card

Order Aadhaar card by paying Rs 50/-(inclusive of GST & Speed post charges)

Use your Aadhaar Number/Virtual Identification Number/EID to order Aadhaar card.

Aadhaar card comes with security features i.e. Digitally signed Secure QR code, Hologram, Ghost image, Guilloche pattern etc.

PVC Aadhaar Card FAQ

What are the different forms of Aadhaar and what are their features?

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has introduced various forms of Aadhaar from time to time for the convenience of residents:

Aadhaar Letter: Paper-based laminated letter with secure QR Code with Issue Date and Print Date. Aadhaar letter is sent to resident free of cost by ordinary post in case of new enrolment or mandatory biometric update. If the Aadhaar letter is lost or destroyed, the resident can order a reprint online at a cost of Rs. 50/- from UIDAI’s official website. Reprinted Aadhaar letter is delivered to the resident by speed post.

eAadhaar: eAadhaar is the electronic form of Aadhaar, digitally signed by UIDAI, having QR code for offline verification with Issue Date and Download Date. Resident can easily download eAadhaar/masked eAadhaar from UIDAI’s official website using registered mobile number. The masked eAadhaar displays only last 4 digits of Aadhaar number. eAadhaar is generated automatically with every Aadhaar enrolment or update and it can be downloaded free of cost.

mAadhaar: mAadhaar is digital form of Aadhaar which can be installed on mobile device. mAadhaar app is available on Google play store/iOS for downloading on resident’s mobile device. It has QR code for offline verification. Like eAadhaar, mAadhaar is also generated automatically with every Aadhaar enrolment or update and it can be downloaded free of cost.

PVC Aadhaar Card: PVC Aadhaar Card is the latest form of Aadhaar introduced by UIDAI. Other than being easy to carry and durable, the PVC-based Aadhaar Card has a digitally signed secure QR code with photograph and demographic details with multiple security features. It can be ordered online through or using Aadhaar number, Virtual ID or Enrolment ID and paying a nominal charge of Rs. 50/-. Aadhaar PVC Card is delivered to the resident’s address by speed post.

Can I choose to have and use any form of Aadhaar?

Yes. The residents can choose to have one or more forms of Aadhaar. The residents may also choose to use any form of Aadhaar as per their convenience. All forms of Aadhaar are equally valid as a proof of identity without giving any preference to one form of Aadhaar over the others.

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