earache when the ear hurts

 earache when the ear hurts

earache when the ear hurts

  Earwax, pain due to a cold, or any kind of allergy or infection is a common problem that happens to many people but this problem gets worse if not treated on time.  Garlic is a great remedy for this.  Know these 5 tips of garlic which will give you relief from ear problems.

  The skin in and around the ears is warmed with a warm cloth.

  If wax or dirt has accumulated in the ear, do not try to clean it with a clip or pin, but it is advisable to consult a doctor.

  If the child's teeth are decayed or swollen, seek treatment from a specialist.

  After bathing, dry the ears of the children by wiping them with a soft towel.  Doing this eliminates the possibility of fungus.

  Home Remedies

  Take a bowl of garlic cloves and now wrap this mixture in a cloth and place it on the ears.  Leave this cloth on the ear for about half an hour.  Hit again.  After a while, you will feel that your earache has disappeared.

  Squeeze the garlic cloves with a hard object and squeeze the juice and put it in the ear.  This will not only cure ear pain but also infection.

  Put a few cloves of garlic in mustard oil and heat it.  When this oil becomes hot, put one or two drops of it in the ear and give Rs.  Take care that the oil is not too hot.  Otherwise, it may damage your work screen.

  Take garlic and boil it in salted water.  Now take it off the flame, add sea salt and take a bowl or spice, now wrap this mixture in a cloth and place it on the part of the ear where there is pain or infection.

  Boil garlic and take salt in a bowl and then apply it on the ear or behind the ear.  This will give you relief from pain.

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