Is there a problem of accumulation of phlegm in the throat and chest? So do these 18 home remedies to save!!! I

 Is there a problem with the accumulation of phlegm in the throat and chest?  So do these 18 home remedies to save!!!  I

  (1) Make a chutney of 200 grams of ginger peel and fry it in 200 grams of ghee, add 400 grams of jaggery to it, until it becomes red, and make the amla-like sheera.  Taking 10 grams of this amla in the morning and evening cures phlegm.  By feeding food to the pregnant, she can take food well.

Is there a problem of accumulation of phlegm in the throat and chest

  (2) Mix 10-15 grams of ginger juice with honey and take it, it ends throat phlegm.  And Y is dead.  It is also beneficial in heart disease, epilepsy, and constipation.  Develops interest in food.  And the stomach glows.

  (3) Mixing ginger juice, lemon juice, and sindhav together at the beginning of the meal are beneficial for coughing.

  (4) If the phlegm is dry and sticky, apply oil on the chest after repeated cough and shake the salt vessel to remove the dry phlegm.

(5) Boil onion vegetable and drink it, it ends phlegm.

  (6) Eating ripe betel nut cures phlegm.


  (7) Fresh juice or mint extract clears Kapha.

  (8) Taking 2 to 4 dried figs heated in milk in the morning and evening reduces the formation of phlegm.

  (9) Drinking 100-125 grams of milk with 30-40 grams of chickpeas at bedtime ends with phlegm accumulated in the trachea in the morning.

  (10) Brinjal cures cough.

  (11) Grind 10 grams each of ginger, black pepper, black pepper, and sindhav finely, take 400 grams of black seeds containing black seeds and grind them like chutney and fill it in a jar.  It is called Panchamrit Chatan.  Licking five to 20 grams of this in the morning and evening cures cough.


  (12) If there is phlegm, drink hot water.

  (13) Taking one or two spoons of ground mustard mixed with water in the morning and evening provides relief for the cough.  If the amount of phlegm increases, then advice can be given to young children, but due to the heat, its quantity should be kept very less.


  (14) Licking the mixture of cardamom, Singha, ghee, and honey cure phlegm.

  (15) If the phlegm deposited in the chest does not come out at all and is giving a lot of trouble if there is a problem of life and death, then rub Rudraksha in water and lick it after every half hour with honey, the phlegm will come out and you will get relief.

  (16) Drinking cocoa is beneficial for a persistent cough.  Cocoa contains an element called theobromine.  Which removes phlegm.

  (17) Every morning and evening, seven basil leaves on a leaf of Nagvel, seven pieces of ginger equal to gram flour, three black pepper, eight to ten pieces of turmeric equal to gram flour, and one and a half spoons of honey, and chew it slowly.  Cough gets cured in 10-15 days.

  (18) If the phlegm stuck in the lungs does not come out, then mix an equal quantity of Jethimadh (licorice) and Amla and take 1-1 spoon powder with water in the morning and evening clear the phlegm and clear the lungs.  Some days.

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