ayurvedic treatment for acne

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 ayurvedic treatment for acne

ayurvedic treatment for acne

  Alopecia areata is related to the skin, but hair loss starts as soon as the disease starts.  This disorder is especially common on the head and young children are more likely to develop the disease than adults.  Some men also get it on beard, mustache, neck and hands.  Alopecia is not immediately visible on the hands, neck and other parts of the body, but in this disease, due to the loss of hair in that area, alopecia appears immediately in the beard, mustache and head.  Apart from this, fur starts falling from other parts of the body as well.

  Akali is mentioned in almost all the accepted texts of Ayurveda and it is described as a minor disease at the end of the texts.  Such diseases are very minor, but if they are ignored in the beginning, they do not go away as quickly as a sore throat.  Many remedies for ringworm have been mentioned in Ayurvedic texts, but the most effective remedy is 'jasmine oil'.  This oil is also available readymade in the market.  However, leprosy patient should make this oil at home and use it.  I will explain the process of making jasmine oil in the next treatment. 

Feature :-

  Alopecia begins with small spots.  Where this happens, the skin becomes very smooth and shiny.  Initially, there is a round spot the size of a mango seed and four to five hairs fall at that place.  Then gradually that area becomes round and enough hair falls in that area.  There is no pain, itching, burning, redness or pus in this area.  So like other skin diseases, this disease is not painful at all.

  Take 50 grams each of jasmine leaves, karanj leaves, bark of Varun-varna tree, bark of Karen and bark of Chitrakumol, 1 kg of sesame oil.  Grind all the herbs and make it like a paste of chutney.  Put this pulp in the oil and bring it to a boil.  When six to seven bubbles of oil appear, take it off and filter it.  When it cools down, store it in a bottle.  Apply a little bit of this jasmine oil in the morning and evening on the place where hair or fur has fallen due to ringworm, clean it with alum water.  Dandruff gets cured gradually with the use of this oil and hair growth starts again.

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