priceless benefits of jaggery

 priceless benefits of jaggery

  Jaggery removes bad toxins present in the blood, due to which there is no problem of acne.

priceless benefits of jaggery

  If you feel tired or weak, eating jaggery will increase energy.

  Eating jaggery provides relief in cold, fever, cough.

  Jaggery has anti-allergic element which gives relief to asthma patients.

  By eating two or three spoons of whole ghee and sugar daily, there will be no pain or stiffness in the joints.

  Taking a bowl full of black sesame seeds daily cures asthma and provides relief from toothache.

  Mixing jaggery and ghee will not cause pain in the ear.

  Eat jaggery, rice and a little ghee mixed with it, the throat opens in case of constipation.

  If you want to get rid of fatigue quickly, then consume jaggery.

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